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I was thinking the same thing but I found a solution:

Basically 1 second= 0.00027778 hours.

13mph- 0.06214(calculation of length of 100m)÷(0.00027778X13(your speed))

This equals=17.21 seconds as your 100m dash time.

It might look complicated but I simplified it.

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Q: How many mph is13.00 in 100m dash?
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How many mph would you be going if you run a 11.8 in a 100 meter dash?

(100m/11.8s)(3600s/hr)(0.000621371192mi/m) = 18.9571mph So pretty much 19 mph.

If you run 22 mph what would your 100m dash time be?

22 mph = 9,78 m/s 100 m dash time = 100/9,78 = 10,22 s Answer: the time would be 10,22 s, with a average velocity of 22 mph.

What is the fastest speed reached by a person on foot?

Asafa Powell was clocked at 32 mph at his fastest point in the 100m dash when he ran his 9.74.but... it is wrong because Usain bolt ran .16 faster than him. at 33mph at an 100m dash...

How many mph is it if you ran a 100 meter dash in 11.6?

19.2839 mph

Average running speed of human?

Between 13-20 mph. The current world record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds. This translates to 23.4 mph. Instantaneous speeds off the line can hit up to 28mph for a short distance.

How fast can a man run the 100 meter dash?

the fastest 100m dash was set by usian bolt with 9.69 seconds and for many olympic athletes their time averages around 10-11 seconds

How many mph is a 5.7 on the 40 yard dash?

13.4 miles per hour.

How is the moste fasts person?

He is so fat that he can't even move so he has a special maid

How many mph is 4.3 seconds for 40 yards?

4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash is a pace of 18.18 mph

How many MPH is a 4.24 in the 40 yrd dash?

19.3 miles per hour.

How fast is a 3.6 40 yard dash in mph?

22.7 mph

How fast can Cristiano Ronaldo run 100 meters?

Cristiano Ronaldo can do 100m in about 10.61 seconds. The fastest football player ever is said to be amancio amaro who can do 100m in about 10.50 seconds.