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No nuclear bombs were tested on Easter Island.

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Q: How many nuclear bombs were tested on Easter Island?
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Which country used nuclear bombs in the Australian outback?

England tested its nuclear bombs at maralinga and woomera in south Australia

When France wanted to test nuclear bombs on Moruroa Island in the South Pacific what did they do?

when France wanted to do what testing of a nuclear bombs on Moruroa island in the south pacific

When did the Soviet Union have nuclear bombs?

The Soviet Union tested their first atomic bomb in 1949.

What is the different between a nuclear bomb and an atom bomb?

Nuclear bombs before the 60s were referred to as atom bombs, because the term Nuclear hadn't been discover yet. Nuclear bombs today, are generally Hydrogen bombs, or fusion bombs. They are significantly more powerful, able to places about the size of Rhode Island. Atom bombs,which were mostly uranium and plutonium, lack the destructive power of Nuclear or Fusion bombs.

What military base were the nuclear bombs on japan launched from?

Tinian Island airfield.

Is a bomb nuclear?

Some bombs are nuclear. But most bombs are not nuclear.

Does Sri Lanka have nuclear weapons?

YES THEY DO! mostly from india though, but they have a few nuclear misslies and bombs. a lot for a small island.

What did Truman have to do with bikini island?

Harry S. Truman was the President of the United States from 1945-1953. During the periods of 1946-1956, 23 nuclear and hydrogen bombs were tested in the Marshall Islads where the bikini atoll and bimini island are located. This would be the connection between Truman and the bikini island.

What did France want to do testing of nuclear bombs on moruroa island in the south pacific?

a a national park

When and where were nuclear bombs tested?

The US tested nuclear devices in the Trinity test site in NM, Bikini atoll in the Marshal islands, Eniwetok atoll in the Marshal islands, underwater offshore Mexico in international waters south of San Diego CA, the Nevada test site north of Las Vegas NV, in space, and for project Plowshare (peaceful uses of nuclear explosives) in about half a dozen other states.The USSR tested nuclear devices at 2 or 3 sites in Siberia and its largest fusion bomb tests were on the arctic island of Novaya Zemlya.The UK tested nuclear devices in Australia.France tested early nuclear devices in the Sahara desert while it still had colonies there, since then I'm not sure.

Is there nuclear energy in nuclear bombs?

Yes, there is nuclear energy in nuclear bombs. It is released in a few microseconds when they are detonated.

Why thermo nuclear bombs are called dirty bombs?

Beacause millions of lives were taken by the nuclear bombs