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How many numbers are in a UPS tracking number?


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UPS tracking numbers varies depending on the service chosen.

Ground are usually 19 digits

UPS Saver looks like this 1Z 0aa 000 00 0000 000 0

It starts with "IZ"

0 represents number

a represents letter

contact me for more details, i got it down to a science.

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Tracking numbers used in any logistic environment are created sequentially at country of origin. The numbers are specific and not duplicated. Therefore only the UPS system will create a number. Where a multi site operation is use like UPS central logging occurs. Its not like a barcode on a product its uniquely created.

Yes, UPS does recycle tracking numbers. Don't be alarmed if it says your item was shipped in the past to some random location. Once the item travels a bit it should update.

The courier tracking numbers starting with EE are often used by China. The letter E can signify economy. Such companies as UPS and FED-EX use this form of tracking.

You should be able to find the tracking number, on ups's homepage. You should also be able to find the tracking information for the number. Which may include the whereabouts of the package you may seek.

Call Customer service. Ask how the ship their items and let them know you want to track it. Most times they ship with a tracking number. UPS, USPS and Fed Ex all have tracking numbers. Because of the items they are shipping I would assume they would have a tracking number on all items.

yes sometimes i believe only if the number is faded

You must to tot he usps or ups site to track your package

Just go to and enter the tracking number to see where your package currently is and when it's supposed to be delivered. The tracking number is given to you when you ship an item. If you bought an item online that is being shipped to you, the tracking number will be emailed to you.

Along with your order confirmation you should have received a tracking number for UPS, Fedex or USPS. You can enter that tracking number at one of those three websites and get the information you need.

Yes it does. UPS can only carry up to 150 pounds. After that they use their contracted outside carrier. But you still pay UPS and you get a tracking number.

Hi, I've added a link below, it will take you to the tracking page. Input the tracking number, hit the "Track" button, and results will show immediately.

6 numbers and/or letters

When you go to the Post Office (or other delivery place), ask for a tracking number or Delivery Confirmation. Then all you have to do is go to the US Postal website; which is on the ticket stub they give you, and print in the number. It will give you the status. I personally like tracking because you can literally track where your package is and when it was there. The first answer is incorrect. A lot of people make the same mistake. There is UPS (big brown delivery truck) and there is USPS (post office). They are in COMPETITION with one another and don't share information. To check on a UPS package, you need to keep the TRACKING number when you send it or get the tracking number from whoever sent the package. Then go to and punch in the tracking # and it will tell you EXACTLY where the package is. For the post office (USPS) you also need the tracking # or routing # on the slip. Then go to and punch in that #. It will tell you exactly where the package is. Hope this helps!

The number was pretty easy i called the tracking number provided on google with my search. spoke with a rep which provided 1800 877 1508. this is UPS EHR. From here you should be able to get directed fairly quick.

No. UPS assigns a tracking code with their packages. That's what you'd track it by.

Without the tracking number there isn't a way to trace it that I know of. UPS doesn't bother with name searches as it would be too tedious to put into the system. Sorry :/

On the Order History page on there puma website there is a tracking number above the Delivery Address.Copy it and then paste it in the UPS website

The answer obviously depends on the shipping point and the destination.For most shipments within the continental USA, I've found it takes 3-10 days. Many companies email tracking numbers with your order confirmation. You can use the number to track the progress of your shipment and estimate its arrival.(In addition, a shipping time calculator is available on the UPS website. See the Related links.)

If you check your email you should have a tracking number. enter that into the UPS/fedex site and it will tell you exactly where your package is.

It's always easiest to contact the seller, but that looks like it could be a USPS tracking number. Did you check with them?

Yes but USPS is cheaper for basic and no tracking.

Technologies which are used by UPS package tracking system are scannable bar-code ,handheld computer(DIAD) and website

The number for the Hodgkins branch of ups is

There are no resources to track a specific UPS truck made available to the general public. UPS, however, does have means of tracking their trucks, via a GPS system such as Qualcomm or PeopleNet.

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