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How many officials are on the ice during a hockey game?


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during a nhl game there are 4

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there are 4 officials in an NHL game. 2 referees and 2 linesmen

There are two referees in an ice hockey game and two linesmen.

sixteen - twelve players and four officials

Four officials are actually on the ice. There are two referees (the guys with orange armbands) and two linesmen.

There are seven officials on the field during a football game.

There are seven officials during a NFL game

If its a Minor hockey In canada Its 3 Officials 1 refferee and 2 linesmen 6 years official

At the 2010 Winter Games, there were 4 officials for a men's game (2 referees and 2 linesman) and 3 officials for a women's game (1 referee and 2 linesman).

Coincidental penalties are determined by the officials and very in length and frequency.

It depends on what level of play in the younger hockey games there is usually 2 officials but as you get older there may be 3 or 4The officials are the people whoo act as refs... who are the players?

3 or 4 it all depends on if one of them gets hurt

One official on the field. 3 other officials are along the touch line.

A game of regulation basketball has two officials.

There is one referee and six other officials on the field during an NFL game. Click on the 'NFL Officials' link on this page to see the duties of each official on the field and what equipment they use during the game.

I'm pretty sure there can be as many substitutions as you want in the game.

There are two intermissions in a hockey game. During the intermissions, the zamboni is brought out to make a pass over the ice to keep it smooth and fresh for the players.

There are three periods in a hockey game.

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