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How many officials are on the ice for a hockey game?


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Four. Two referees.
Two linesmen.

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There are two referees in an ice hockey game and two linesmen.

At the 2010 Winter Games, there were 4 officials for a men's game (2 referees and 2 linesman) and 3 officials for a women's game (1 referee and 2 linesman).

Four officials are actually on the ice. There are two referees (the guys with orange armbands) and two linesmen.

If its a Minor hockey In canada Its 3 Officials 1 refferee and 2 linesmen 6 years official

sixteen - twelve players and four officials

Coincidental penalties are determined by the officials and very in length and frequency.

There are four on-ice officials, two referees and two linesmen. Off-ice officials include the score keeper, the time keeper and two goal judges.

Hockey not Ice-Hockey

There are three twenty-minute periods in ice hockey, adding up to 60 minutes of play.

In field hockey, the onfield officials are umpires. In ice hockey, the onice officials are called referees who are assisted by onice linesmen. Both sports also have a variety of other technical officials as well as reserve staff to cover for an injury or other reason for an onice/onfield official being unable to continue. These officials do things like keeping score and time, assisiting with calls on goals and out-of-play.

Although the orgin of ice hockey is unknown, the modern game of Ice Hockey was first played in Montreal, Canada in 1875.

In field hockey, the game begins with a centrepass. In ice hockey, it begins with a faceoff.

well there is ice hockey and there is curling which is more like shuffleboard on ice

3 or 4 it all depends on if one of them gets hurt

With a faceoff at center ice.

Hockey and Ice hockey and Air hockey! All kinds of hockey!

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

The game Ice hockey is in the Winter Olympics. But ball hockey is not in any Olympics

The NHL plays an 82 game season.

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