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quarter pound of anything, including goat cheese, is 4 oz.

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How many ounces are in 1 pound of goat cheese?

There are 16 ounces in any pound, regardless what it is.

How many ounces of goat cheese are in a tablespoon?

One tablespoon is 15 gm. So 1 tbsp is 1/2 an ounce of goat cheese.

How many gallons of milk to make goat cheese?

Figure 1 gallon of milk to a pound of cheese, plus or minus.

What is goat cheese?

Cheese made with goat milk!

Where did goat cheese originate?

Goat cheese is made from milk that is from a dairy goat.

Do you recommend goat cheese or cow cheese?

i recommend cow cheese rather than goat cheese

Is feta cheese the same as goat cheese?

no, feta cheede is not the same as goat cheese

Is feta made from goat cheese?

No, goat cheese is not the same as feta.

What is your favorite type of goat cheese?

the type that that guy in Romania gave me when i was 4. it tasted good. or i like the type of goat cheese that tastes like goat cheese. what does goat cheese taste like?

What can you use instead of cottage cheese?

You can use goat cheese or riccota cheese. Although goat cheese is stronger than cottage cheese.

How does a goat produce cheese?

A goat produces milk which is then turned into cheese by humans.

How do you prepare goat cheese?

How much goat would a goat goat goat if a goat could goat goat

What is Goat milk cheese?

Most cheese is made of cow milk. So goat milk cheese is made of goat milk. Some people are allergic to cow milk but they might not be allergic to goat milk (some people are allergic to goat milk too). So goat milk cheese is just cheese made of goat milk. It's taste is a little bit different from cow milk.

What is the most common cheese?

Goat cheese and cheddar cheese.

Which one milk is better for cheese cow or goat?

Goat cheese is generally much tastier.

Should goats cheese have an apostrophe?

It depends on how you're using it. Usually, people just say "goat cheese" to mean cheese made from goat milk. If you're talking about cheese belonging to a goat, you'd say "goat's cheese."

What can substitute for goat cheese?

Some types of sheep cheese are almost the same. Feta can be made from both goat and sheep cheese.

What are important products of Greece?

Goat milk, Goat meat, Goat wool, and Goat cheese.

Can a goat poop goat cheese?

No, goats cheese is a by-product of the milk that they produce, it is manufactured at a factory, not from the animal.

How do you un-sour goat cheese?

Once goat cheese is sour you cannot "un-sour" it.

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