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You should give an 8 week old baby 3 oz bottle of breast-milk or powdered milk if he/she has trouble drinking it then only give it 2

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Q: How many oz bottles should a 8 week old baby?
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How many times week should you shower a baby?

twice a week.

How do you stop your toddler from drinking baby bottles?

You cannot stop him drinking them all at once. You should reduce the number gradually each week and introduce him to new foods.

If i use 3 bottles of 8oz a week how many bottles i lluse in a month?

12.99 bottles. 4.33 wks/mo * 3 bottles/wk = 12.99 bottles the 8oz is a superfluous detail.

What should a fourteen week old baby be doing?


What drink can i give my 5 week old baby?

You should only give your 5 week old baby gripe water and breast milk.

How should you bring your medications to camp I take daily medicine I am going to overnight camp for a week They recommended a blister pack but could I just put the bottles in a plastic bag?

If you are going to an overnight camp for a week, you can only carry your medications in blister packs and not bottles.

Is baby at risk if you get pregnant one week after stopping birth control pills?

No, you and your baby should be fine.

What should a 24 week old baby be doing?

Your local Doctor should be able to tell you

How many diapers does a baby use in one week?


What should your baby be doing at 17 weeks pregnant?

At 17 weeks your baby is practicing sucking his thumb and swallowing this week! The fingernails and toenails beds are developing this week too!

Why does your 13 week old baby keep eating her hands?

The baby is teething you should probably get him or her oral teething gel.

What week of pregnancy should you be able to tell what the baby is?

Most doctors will attempt to find out the gender of the baby after 16 weeks, but many do not like to try until the 20 week ultrasound because of the increased risk of being incorrect or not being able to tell yet.