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depends upon the design. usually 5 to 7 gms. 31.114 grams is equal to one ounce.

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Q: How many oz of platinum is in a normal wedding band?
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How many years is platinum wedding anniversary?

A platinum wedding anniversary is 70 years of marriage

Does your engagement ring and wedding band have to match?

Well it is your choice because some rings link together and make either a pattern or a shape when you put them together but others are just normal, the women's is gold/silver with a diamond and the mans is a plain gold ring!

Is it normal to sing at your own wedding?

There are almost as many different types of wedding as there are brides and grooms. It's your wedding and if you want to sing you should

How much gold in a wedding band?

The amount of gold in a wedding band, depends on the karats. If a wedding band is 14 karat gold, that means 14 parts of 24 parts is gold.

How many grams are in a typical wedding band?

Depends how heavy the bass player is... ;-D

How many platinum records did creedence clearwater have?

None. The rules changed. Great band though

What does it mean if you dream about a band?

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What are the differences between a tungsten carbide wedding band and a platinum wedding band?

Tungsten Carbide is a composition containing equal parts of Tungsten Metal (W) and Carbon (C). While Platinum (Pt) is a metal in and of it self. The letters in parenthesis indicate the chemical symbol on the periodic table. There are many differences physically between tungsten and platinum. Platinum is slightly brighter and has more of a silver shine, while tungsten carbide has a dark, shiny hue. On the Mohs scale of hardness, platinum has a hardness rating of about 4.5 out of 10, while tungsten carbide is a staggering 9.5 (Diamonds are a 10). Although tungsten carbide is harder to scratch, it is also brittle and can shatter if more than enough force is applied (ie falling from a high place, throwing it against the wall, smashing it while on a vice grip). Platinum and other lesser metals will simply take the scratch or dent, but won't shatter or break apart easily.

What are some advantages of a tungsten carbide wedding band?

Tungsten caribe wedding bands have become increasingly popular. Some of the reasons why so many people prefer this band are because it never bends, it's hypoallergenic and they never scratch.

What type of wedding band would go well with a twisted engagement ring?

The best thing to do is take your fiance into a jewelry store and a clerk will help you match up the wedding band to suit the engagement ring. Make sure you give yourself a couple of months before the wedding just in case you may have to have a special wedding band made up. Shop around because the poor economy has forced many stores to have sales on their goods.

Is a jade wedding band a safe ring for an electrician?

You could get any ring for the groom who is an electrician, but he can leave his band at home while he is working. Many men in different lines of work do not wear any type of wedding band because they could get it caught in machinery. Rings don't bind the two people in love so whether either of them wear rings or not really doesn't matter. My husband never had a wedding band because of his line of work and he does not care for rings and we have been married 38 years. It's love between two people and not about the wedding band.

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According to the Recording Industry Association of America's Sales Certification Database, no band with the name Road Angel has had an album certified platinum or gold.