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Realtime Interrupt has 324 pages.

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"Realtime Interrupt" does not have a fixed number of pages, as it is an abstract concept related to computer systems and programming. The term refers to a mechanism that allows a processor to temporarily halt its current operation to service a specific event or request in real time. The implementation and details of real-time interrupts can vary depending on the specific system architecture and requirements.

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Q: How many pages does Realtime Interrupt have?
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Deterministic Realtime: RTLinux™ supports realtime interrupt handlers and realtime periodic tasks with interrupt latencies and scheduling jitter close to hardware limits. RTLinux reliably give worst case interrupt latencies of less than 15 microseconds on a standard x86 PC, with better figures on single board computers and PowerPC and Compaq Alpha platforms.Standard API:uses a POSIX threads API and follows the POSIX 10003.13 PSE31 ``minimal realtime system model" specification. RTLinux™ runs Linux as its lowest priority thread and provides access to the full power of Linux through a variety ofcommunication methodsOpen Source: FSMLabs RTLinux™ can be freely downloaded from the Internet. The core OS code is available under the GNU Public LicenseRich toolset: All the standard tools-the GDB source level debugger, GNU compilers, Perl, TCL/TK, etc.-are available and easily interfaced with realtime codeSource: FSM lab brochure

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