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As many as you want. Unlimited.

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Q: How many paper clips can you hang from a paper clip?
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If a paper clip weighs approximately one gram estimate how many paper clips will be in a 0.5 kilogram box of paper clips?

500 paper clips

How many paper clips long is Arizona from its northern to its southern border?

Assuming a paper clip is about an inch, approximately 24766100 paper clips.

Why cant someone hang a ton of paperclips off the end of a magnet?

you can hang as many paper clips as you want until the weight of the paper clips becomes more than the pulling force of the magnet

How many paper clips measure one kilogram?

One paper clip weighs one gram, so since kilo is one thousand, it must be one thousand paper clips.

What can you do with a paper clip?

The main use of paper clips is to clip pieces of paper together. But there are many more interesting things to do with them. Here's a suggested list:Make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more)Clean your fingernails (note: it is not advised to use them to clean your ear or nose).Open your laptop CD-ROM drive even when the computer is shut down.Get the Sim card out of iPhones (preferably use a small paper clips for this).Hang a "Keep out"/"Be back soon" sign on a paper clip string of your cubical.Hang a string of paper clips to create a limbo line and have people in the office dance with you.Make a long enough jumping rope out of many attached paper clips and try to set a personal record.Back scratcher.Fishing rod.Book- mark.Pick a lock.Make a compass. Use a magnet to stroke the paper clip in a circular motion. This will magnetize the paper clip. place the paper clip in a cup of water. The clip will rotate and stop when it faces magnetic north.Stick a bunch into a ball of aluminum foil, or ball of clay, and bend them to hold pencils and p

How many paper clips make a pound?

Depends on the size of the paper clip. Paper clips come in a range of sizes. Agreed. Also: The weight of one standard paper clip = 0.00043kg x 9.8m/s2 = 0.004214 N, or 0.000947345 lbf. So if you divide 1 lbf by the weight of a standard paper clip given then with that size of paper clip it would take about 1,056 to make a pound.

How many centimeters long is a paper clip?

a paper clip is 3 centimeters

How many paper clips in the longest paper clip chain?

43,000,000 i should know. i helped make it... TURKEY i mean what

How many grams is a large paper clip?

A large paper clip only weighs around 1 gram. Regular sized paper clips are typically between 0.5 and 0.7 grams each.

What is the measure of a paper clip to the nearest quarter inch?

Paper clips come in many sizes but the commonest one is 1.25 inches long.

How many paper clips are in 1 mole of paper clips?

6.02 x 10^23 paper clips (602,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 p. clips).

About how many clips would it take to weigh 1 kilogram?

it would be about 1000, because a paper clip weighs about a gram, and kilo means 1000.