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Here's how to calculate it: Keep track of how many refills must be done in a week, month, etc., and multiply them accordingly to get an estimate.

Example: 250 paper towels (one package) x 7 (each day for a week) = 1750 paper towels for one week. Then you could multiply x2 for 2 weeks, x4 for a month.

To figure for several months, multiply your week answer; 1750 x 4 = 7000.

7000 is how many paper towels are used in a month.

For 6 months; 7000 x 6 = 42000.

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Q: How many paper towels does the average commercial bathroom use?
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Does Publix sell bathroom towels?

No. The closest they have are paper towels or toilet paper.

What are some different types of paper towels?

1- Folded Commercial Paper Towels 2- Single Fold Towels 3- Multi-Fold Towels 4- Commercial Paper Roll Towels 5- Standard Household Paper Towels 6-Scott Fold Paper Towels 7-Premium Household Paper Towels

What are some commercial bathroom supplies?

Depending on the category, some commercial bathroom supplies vary. Some supplies include things like baby changing tables and soap dispensers. Other supplies include toilet paper or paper towels.

Does viva paper towels test their paper towels as much as their competition?

Viva paper towels do not test their paper towels as much as their competition do. Brands like Bounty test their paper towels more than Viva paper towels.

What are things that you can find in a bathroom?

towels, toilet paper, razors, mirror, soap and shampoo among others.

What are some things you find in the bathroom?

In the bathroom you find a toilet, sink, bathtub and soap. You also find toilet paper, plumbing, towels and water.

How many paper towels does the average person use?


what are the uses of tissue paper?

Hygienic tissue paper is commonly for personal use as facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs), napkins, bathroom tissue and household towels.

What things are found in men's bathroom?

Urinals, electricity, mirrors and plumbing are found in a men's bathroom. Additional things include toilets, sinks and paper towels.

Where were paper towels invented?

Paper towels were invented in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Scott Paper Company invented paper towels for kitchens in 1931 and are now the leading manufacturer of paper towels.

How many paper towels does the average American use?

1 roll

What are bounty paper towels made of?

Bounty paper towels are made of trees, and recycled paper, and water. But different paper towels differ from, brand to brand. Bounty paper towels are made of trees, and recycled paper, and water. But different paper towels differ from, brand to brand.

Is bounty paper towels better than scot paper towels?

yes bounty paper towels are better than scot paper towel

How much paper is in paper towels?

It depends on the size.Not all paper towels are the same

What are facts about paper towels?

Paper towels are made to soak up liquids.paper towels help clean up messes.

What are paper towels made out of?

Paper towels are made out of paper pulp, which comes from trees. Some paper towels are made from recycled paper from paper products, which also originally came from trees.

What is more absorbent paper towels or towels?

towels in my opinion.

How are paper towels made?

Paper towels are made by combining trees, cotton, and absorbancy paper.

What are Viva paper towels made of?

tree bark paper towels are made from paper pulp

When did they invent bounty paper towels?

bounty paper towels was invented in 1931

What are paper towels used for?

Answer:We use paper towels for lot's of things around the house like making lunches, Napkins, cleaning up messes and lot's more we can use paper towels for. That is how we use paper towels!

What is the average price of paper towels?

Scott brand does 9.88 per 6 pack

What are different names of paper towels?

In my town every one calls paper towels paper doolings

Can recycled paper towels be recycled?

yes, that's why its called recycled paper towels

What is the chemical composition of brown paper towels?

Paper towels are made out of cellulose C6H10O5