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Q: How many parking spaces are at Purdue university?
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How many parking spaces at magic kingdom?

There are 11,391 parking spaces are available

How many parking spaces are in Universal City south parking structure?

274 parking spaces, exactly!

How many parking spaces are there at Dodger Stadium?

there are 16000 parking spaces at dodger's stadium

For each car in the US how many parking spaces are there?

There are 7 parking spaces to each car

How many students attend Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis?


Drew Brees college?

He attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in management.Drew Brees attended and played college football at Purdue University. He earned a degree in Industrial Management. He earned many football honors and led his football team to the 2001 Rose Bowl, its first appearance there in 34 years, where they lost to the University of Washington Huskies.

How many Heisman Trophy winners came from Purdue University?

Nobody from Purdue has ever one a Heisman Trophy, but they have had many nominees.

How many cars can the Pentagon Parking lot hold?

It has 8 thousand parking spaces.

How many parking spaces are at valleyfair?

exactly 5,036,272,594

How many employees at Purdue university?

I attend Purdue and want to say its probably somewhere around 40,000, but most of them are Asian so..... I wouldn't suggest coming here.

How many parking spaces per acre?


How many parking spaces can you put in an acre?

According to other sources on the internet, 100-150 parking spaces can be put in one acre (depending on design).