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Although we are not quite sure what number is "a lot" we have been given a numerical estimate that it is somewhere between 20,000 and 200 million.

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How many penguins die per year due to pollution?

Tens of thousands of penguins die every year from oil pollution.

How many fairy penguins die each year?


How many penguins die every year from oil spills?

about 500 each year since it destroys aquatic life

How many babies do penguins have?

Penguins lay 1 egg a year.

How many penguins die everyday?

Around 24 :(

What happens when penguins die?

Penguins "die" when your account expires.

How many types of penguin breed on the Antarctic?

there are many penguins breed and there are 15,000 penguins breed everyday or once a year

How many eggs does an African penguin lay?

Most penguins, including the African penguin, lay two eggs at a time and breed once a year. Emperor penguins and King penguins lay only one egg a year, and Little penguins breed twice a year.

How many eggs are laid by penguins?

penguins lay about 2-3 a year unless they are a emperor penguin who can only lay 1 egg a year

How many babys does penguins do penguins have?

Penguin couples typically have only one penguin chick per year.

How many eggs do female penguins lay in a day?

Normal penguins would only ever lay 1 egg a year, although Little Penguins lay 2 eggs per year.

How many baby penguins are born each year?


How many eggs can penguins lay?

one a year for most breeds.Keeping it warm is a full time job.penguins have only one (1) egg per year that they mate.If a penguin has more than one egg, one will die, or it will care for neither properly.

Can penguins die?

Yes, anything that is alive can die. Penguins are birds, a kind of animal.

Why do penguins die?

Penguins just like the other animals die for a number of reasons. One of the reasons as to why the penguins is the natural death because of age. The penguins also die when they are killed and hunted down by hunters.

How many eggs can penguins lay in a year?

just one egg

Were can penguins go when they die?

Penguin heaven? why penguins anyway?

What time of year are penguins born?

SUMMER that's when penguins DO IT!!

Why do penguins die in the heat?

Penguins die in the heat because when they are born they are already used to the cold if they go to a place that is hot they will die.

How many eggs do Adelie Penguins lay a year?

One to two eggs.

How many penguins die each year?

anywhere between 20,000 and 200 million, due to different reasons such as: starving, being eaten, old age, or being poched.

How many eggs does a king penguin lay each year?

King Penguins only lay 1 egg per year. Like Emperor Penguins they carry the egg around on there feet.

How many litters does a penguin have a year?

Penguins do not have 'litters', they lay eggs and usually lay one egg a year.

Do penguins live independently?

when penguins are about a year old they live indepent

How many games did the penguins win in 2014?

The Penguins won 51 games in the 2013-14 season and 45 games in the 2014 calendar year