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How many pennies are worth a cent?

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All pennies are worth a cent.

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EASY! A penny is worth 1 cent

one cent 100 pennies = 1 dollar

Each penny is worth one cent, so there are 50 pennies in 50 cents.

There are pennies and there were 2 cent coins but they're not the same. Pennies are one cent coins. Please determine which one you have and check the Related Questions.

....1 cent. They are in common circulation.

50 pennies or fifty cents are in a fifty cent piece or a half dollar.

If you remember that a penny is one cent - and cent means 100, you will always remember that there are 100 pennies in one dollar.

it depends on the date on it

A penny from 2000 is worth one cent.

They are worth 1 cent or 1/100 of a dollar.

Pennies and cents are the same, so 50 cents = 50 pennies

The penny is worth 1 cent, unless it's misstruck or something.

You've probably heard a slightly twisted version of an old joke. The answer is that 1,986 pennies are worth $19.86 but 1,967 pennies are worth 19 cents less. In any case pennies with either of those dates are only worth 1 cent each.

really it cost 2 cents to make a penny..... wheres the other cent?

One cent. 1971D pennies are so common they will not be worth a premium until many more years have passed.

...1 cent. Pennies made after 1982 no longer have much copper in them and the actual bullion value of them is less than one cent. There are no rare Lincoln memorial pennies except for errors.

There are 50 pennies in 50 cents.

There are fifty coins in a roll of US one cent coins, casually called pennies.

Assuming by 'pennies' - to mean 1 cent pieces... 100

If by 'pennies' you mean 1 cent pieces - the answer is 450,000 !

In average condition, it's worth a dollar or two. An uncirculated 1905 cent is worth over $20.

There are pennies that are worth more than one cent! Currently it costs more than one cent to make a penny! There are pennies made at the California Mint are valueable. Price varies though. Other valuable pennies include ones that have defects. Ancient pennies like coins from an ancient civilization bring in money. Like i have written prices vary on condition, date, compostiotion, year, and where they were made. YES there are pennies that are worth a million dolloars. I don't believe any US cent has sold for quite that much.

99. They are the same thing.

Because there are no 1967 pennies. Decimal currency started in 1966.Actually, 1966 pennies should be worth more than 1967 pennies as a 1967 penny would be a fake.CorrectionThis question was posted in US Coins so it refers to US 1-cent pieces by their slang name. It's actually a rather lame joke. The answer is (ba DING!) "1,967 pennies are worth $19.67 which is one cent more than $19.66"

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