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There are five major and five minor pentatonic scales, for 10 in total. If using the scales to play guitar, there are five common patterns on the neck.

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Q: How many pentatonic scales are there?
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How many different notes make up the pentatonic scale?

Pentatonic scales contain 5 notes, the same way a pentagon has 5 sides.

Do pentatonic scales only use black notes?

That is a misconception. Just as you can have a major scale that starts on any of the 12 tones, you can have pentatonic scales starting on any tone as well. It is the spacing and the number of notes that make a scale pentatonic. Incidentally, you can have a pentatonic melody with standard (non-pentatonic) harmonies accompanying it.

How many pentatonic scales are?

There are 330 possible 5 note permutations derived from the chromatic scale.

What is five tone scale?

A scale with five tones is called a pentatonic scale; there are various types of pentatonic scales but the most obvious pentatonic scales can be found by playing just the black keys on the way up or down on the piano.

What are the names of the scales that gamelan music use?

The pentatonic scale.

What scales sound good with an Am pentatonic scale?

A Minor and a Major chords.

What pieces uses the pentatonic scales?


The Allman Brothers Band what guitar scales do they use?

Mostly major pentatonic. But they used blues scales too.

Are All pentatonic scales use the same notes and thus sound the same?


What is the point of a pentatonic scale?

Pentatonic scales consist of five notes, and are mostly used for soloing, as the five notes tend to not clash with the chord progression.

Why do people teach pentatonic scales for guitar improvising?

The pentatonic scale consists of notes that don't tend to clash or sound bad against the most chords.

Do coldplay include the pentatonic scale?

Coldplay generally use the more "emotional" full major and minor scales. If you're hoping to jam along with their songs you still can, as the pentatonic scales are derived from the majors and minors, so for example if the song is in E minor you can just play in E minor pentatonic. Hope that helped!