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Nearly 23,000 students have applied for admission to the Class of 2011. While the final number is yet to be determined, thus far 22,920 have applied, exceeding the previous record of 22,796 for the Class of 2009 and last year's 22,754

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Q: How many people apply to Harvard?
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How many people apply to Harvard each year?

about 23,000

How many years do you have to apply for Harvard?

There is no year you must apply to Harvard. Almost no Americans do so.

If you have a 3.7 GPA can you get into Harvard?

Here's my advice to you: When you apply, apply to as much Universities as you can, and also apply to Harvard. Who knows? You could get accepted. But if you don't get in, don't sweat it. Harvard is really picky.

How do you get into the Harvard University?

You have to apply.

How many people are in Harvard University?

at Harvard university thee are about 20,000 students

How does a student from France apply to Harvard?


How many people get into Harvard?

It varies each year, but recent statistics show anywhere from 9% to 10% of the applicants are admitted to Harvard. From 9-11% of people that apply enter, it's a very hard school to get into but very good. Just for future reference though, apply to a multitude of colleges, atleast 10 so you can pick for yourself.

How many undergraduate students are accepted at Harvard per year?

A little under 30,000 students apply to Harvard every year, and only about 7% are accepted.

How many students in Harvard University in 2008?

The amount of students enrolled at Harvard University is 69,people.AnswerThe amount of students enrolled at Harvard University is 69,people.

How many people go to Harvard university?

1900 people

How many people get accepted at Harvard University?

About 1600 students enter Harvard each year.

How many people graduated from Harvard in 1994?


About how many students apply to pepperdine university?

100% of people apply 100% of people apply 100% of people apply

How many people graduated Harvard university in 1994?


How To Get Into Harvard Law School?

Start by taking the LASAT then apply

Who to apply MBA in top business school?

harvard university

How many campuses does Harvard has?

How many campuses does Harvard have?

How would does Harvard accept me?

The only way to find out if Harvard will accept you is to apply. You never know until you try. Ok I get it but I need to know more about what are Harvard's rules, level grades, law, instructions, and people.

How can one apply for Harvard?

One can apply for admission into Harvard the same way as most universities. One simply requests an application, fills it out completely and mail back to the school. They will then notify if accepted.

What course do I need to pick up in college to apply for Harvard CIT or MIT in a field related to computers?

You will need to pick the field in which you want to major in when you apply to Harvard or any other college.

What do people call Harvard the school?

harvard college

How many black people go to Harvard?

o <-- Not 0 people first Oboma want there, second me thee is 6% of black people are going to harvard this year. there were 1% last year.

What is Harvard?

Harvard is a the first college and out of 4000 people ony four people can get in to Harvard and you can't be the second best you have to be the best of the best to get in that college and you have to be smart.

If you're from South Africa how do you get into Harvard?

Just like everybody else: apply!

What classes and test must an individual complete to apply to Harvard university?

what classes and test must an individual complete to apply to this school?