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How many people are on an afl field?

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There are 36 players all together on the field.
18 players afield at any one time. There are also 4 reserves or interchange players that can be exchanged for any of the 18.

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How many people on a AFL field?

there are 18 from each team on the field at one time plus 4 people from each team on the bench

How many AFL players on the AFL field?

18 players on the field, plus 4 interchange players. 22 total.

How many rules are there in the AFL?

I am a field umpire for my local league but I do know that there are 113 laws of AFL that are published in the 2009 AFL law book

In an afl game how many players are on the field and bench?


How many people play AFL?

AFL is the best sport ever.

How many players in afl match on the field in one team?

18 at a time

What is bigger Australia AFL field or US NFL?

The Australian AFL field is played on a cricket field, the US NFL field would fit inside this with room to move

How many people watch AFL?


How many AFL players per team n the field?

18 each side.

How many hectares is an AFL field?

Between 25 and 35 depending on status ie school or town oval vs afl stadium hope this helps

What kind of people play afl?

People who like afl!:)

How many people like AFL?

In Australia lot's of people from Victroica, SA and WA are strong in AFL, NRL are strong in Sydney and Queensland.

How many people support the AFL?

Many Aussies who like sport

How many players in an AFL team?

44 players but only 22 play and 18 are on the field.

How many players are there on an AFL team?

18 are supposed to be on the field. and a few rookies and benchwarmers!

On what shape field is Australian rules played?

AFL is played on an oval field.

How many people follow AFL in Melbourne?

All of us.

How many umpires are on the field during an afl game?

1 at each goal,post end one running around on field and 2 at the side line boundaries

How many people were at the 2008 AFL Grand Final?

100,012 people attended the 2008 Grand Final.

What is the size of an AFL football field?

100 yards or 300 feet

What is the name of an Australian rules football field?

A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane. A football oval. Seeing as the field is oval. AFL games are also played on cricket field such as the MCG in Melbourne and the Gabba in Brisbane.

How many people in the world drink Gatorade?

i drink Gatorade wene i play afl

How many AFL players on the field at once?

There are 36 on the field at once. 18 from one side 18 from the other. There are 4 four on the bench from each side and 1emergency per side

How many people can fit into soldier field?

how many people can fit in soldier field

Why is Soccer Better Than AFL?

Many people in the world love soccer and play it every day. However afl is just a national sport. Which means the only people that play afl are the ones living in australia. But all over the world everyone play soccer and enjoy it.

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