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How many people are on the planet Earth?

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An exact figure is never possible, even when a census is newly completed. However, estimates indicate 7 billion was reached in early November, 2011.

* This number is changing as you read this answer. Current updates are available, using the Popclock link below.

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How many people are on planet earth?

It's hard to be specific because people and being born and dying all the time, but around 7,800,000,000 as of 2020.

How may people are there on planet earth?

It is not possible to know how many people are there on earth as many babies are born in a minute.

How many people can fit on planet earth?


How many people try to help earth?

There are many people who care about our planet. Earth is where we live, and will continue. If we don't care about Earth, how are we going to live?

How many people are alive and are staying in this planet earth?


How many people can live on Planet Earth?

Around 15 billion people

How many people are there living on earth?

Over 7 billion people inhabit this planet.

How many people are there on this planet?

Approximately 6.5-6.6 billion people live on earth

What planet is perfect for people?

The planet you live on: Earth.

What is the best planet for people to live on?

Planet Earth

How many countries are on planet Earth?

There are 197 countries on planet earth.

Approximately how many people live on the planet earth?

6,809,116,936 people live in the world

How many moons in earth?

The earth has one moon which circulates the planet regularly on a moonthly basis. Also, the are many people on the earth with the surname Moon.

How many people are on the Earth?

As of October 2014 the population of the planet is ~7.125 billion.

How many planets have people walked on?

Only the Planet Earth have humans walked on.

What is a description of the planet earth?

the earth is the third planet of the solar system. planet earth has life like water , land and oxygen. that's why god create people , animals to live in planet earth because earth has every thing that people need and animals.

How many people does the Earth have?

There are over 7 billion people on planet Earth. The most populated countries on Earth include China, India, and the United States.

What are the names of planets that people have walked on?

The only planet people have walked on is our home planet, Earth. The only object other than earth on which people have walked is the moon, which is not a planet.

How many layers does planet earth have?

the planet earth have 7 layers of atmosphere

What is the planet like?

the planet earth is big and has alot of people on it.

How many earth days is one day on this planet?

This is planet Earth, so one Earth day is one day on this planet.

Is earth the only planet to have people living on it?

Yes,because earth is the only planet with oxygen and the planet that can supports life

What planet can people live on?


What is earth famous for as a planet?

the people on it

Were do people live?

on the planet earth