How many people can Chelsea football club hold?

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It can hold , that is stamford Bridge , about 54 thousand people.
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Should you support Manchester United or Chelsea Football Club?

depends on whose football you like more. i personally am a united fan. because i enjoy there game of looking for space, passing alot and the history of united on the whole. however Chelsea has there own football. there aggresive plays, torturing the opposition defence. So basically either you ( Full Answer )

Is Chelsea Football Club the best?

At this moment in time the ' Best Team ' in English football would be Manchester united, as they won the Premier League within the 2008 - 2009 season, with Liverpool as runners up. Although chealsea finished third, they still had a relatively good season. Although any fan of Manchester united wou ( Full Answer )

How big is Chelsea Football Club fan base?

\nAccording to Chelsea FC, a study done for them by TNS shows that Chelsea FC have a core ('core' meaning those who unprompted say they are Chelsea fans) worldwide fanbase of 90 million.\n. \nSource: BBC Sports editor's blog\n. \n ( Full Answer )

Is Chelsea football club the worst in the whole wide world?

Chelsea is the greatest team to ever exist. They bring f**ked up players to there club and turn them into legends. Unlike barca they don't dive, unlike real madrid they don't foul, unlike man u they deserve their wins, unlike man city they don't spend too much and arsenal and liverpool are no longer ( Full Answer )

Will you play for Chelsea football club?

\nI am willing to play for Chelsea!\nAny body else can go on Improve answer and say their comments.\nYou see..I have started a Conversation on the answer box!

How many football clubs are there in London?

There are 13 league clubs based in London: In the Premiership, Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United. In the Championship, Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers. In League One, Brentford, Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient and Millwall. In League Two, Barnet and Dagenham & ( Full Answer )

Why did Chelsea football club name their ground after the battle of stanfordbridge?

The name and place of Stamford Bridge is one with great significance in English history having been the site in Yorkshire of one of the most famous battles of King Harold's reign in 1066 against the Vikings.. However it is believed that this is not connected to the naming of Chelsea's football stad ( Full Answer )

Is Chelsea Football Club good at football?

Yes, very much so. They have consistently finished in the top ten of the Premiership and usually are title contenders. The are well above average; one of the best.

What are the names of all Chelsea football club players?

First team Petr Cech 1 Branislav Ivanovic 2 Ashley cole 3 Michael essien 5 Ricardo carvalho 6 Frank Lmapard 8 Frank Di Santo 9 Joe cole 10 Didier Drogba 11 Mikel 12 Michael Ballak 13 Florent Maluda 15 Jose Bosingwa 17 Ricardo Quaresma 18 Paulo Ferreira 19 Deco 20 Sa ( Full Answer )

How many fans do collingwood football club have?

As of 22/02/2011 the club has 53,244 paid up members for the upcoming season. The Collingwood page on Facebook has 111,915 followers. There is no definitive survey of how many fans football clubs have.

What days do Chelsea football club train at cobham?

it depends on the next fixture and the training plan. if they have played for example Sunday, they would have the next day off then start training again until 1 or 2 days before for the next game. but in some cases there is no day off ( premier league games in the week end and a champions league gam ( Full Answer )

Has Torres joined Chelsea football club?

Yes Fermando Torres has joined Chelsea from Liverpool, for 50million pounds , it was done on the last day of the January transfer window.

Is Chelsea football club the best ever team?

well of course they are they are the best the only reason that they have not won all the trophy's in the world is because of the managers. ps man utd is rubbish

What is a supporter of Chelsea football club called?

Like the "KOP" at Liverpool and the "Stretford end" at old trafford Historicially the Chelsea Faithful Congretated in the old stand Nicknamed the "Shed" so they are known as the "Shed Enders"

How many German football clubs are there?

Augsburg. Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern Munich. Borussia Dortmund. Borussia Monchengladbach. Eintracht Braunschweig. Eintracht Frankfurt. Hannover 96. Hertha BSC Berlin. Mainz. Nuremberg. SC Freiburg. Schalke 04. SV Hamburg. TSG Hoffenheim. VfB Stuttgart. VfL Wolfsburg. Werder Bremen.

How good is Chelsea Football Club?

They have consistently finished in the top ten of the Premiership and usually are title contenders. The are well above average; one of the best.

What is Chelsea football club organizational structure?

THe Structure of Chelsea Football CLus is as follow: . Founded: March 10, 1905 Manager: José Mourinho Ground: Stamford Bridge. Training ground: Cobham TrainingCentre. Location: Fulham. Nicknames: The Blues, Pensioners,Blues, The Pensioners, Blue Lions.

When was the Chelsea Football Club founded?

The Chelsea Football Club was founded over a century ago. Chelsea F.C. was founded in 1905; they are a very successful team from Fulham, London.

Is Chelsea Football Club very popular?

Chelsea Football Club is actually very popular especially within London, England. With nearly 2 million followers on twitter and very dedicated fans (who tend to paint themselves blue in support) it is hard to argue that they are "unpopular".

How many football clubs are there in the Hamburg area?

The exact number of football clubs in the Hamburg area cannot be found, as there could be private camps that are not calculated, but as for those that are known, according to Wikipedia, is 18.

How many football clubs has Germany have?

The bundesliga hosts 18 teams. The Bundesliga 2 holds the same amount. Then there is the Liga, with 20 teams. then the leagues go down in a pyramid, like how the English football works, and this will spread out to different regions.

What does the logo for the Chelsea Football Club look like?

The newest logo for the Chelsea Football Club is blue, red, and white and has a lion in the center. The lion appears to be holding a staff of some sort. There is also two small symbols on each side of the logo.