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9 on the field in fastpitch and 10 in slowpitch

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most of the time it only takes 9 people.

Not necessarily, most softball recruiting is done through travel/summer teams. Also, many softball programs are not that good and could be considered a waste of time.

On the field nine players will play at a time, although rosters range from having 12-18 players generally.

Yes, somtimes. But no not all the time. If you work hard and enjoy it, it does not seem as hard as if you don't. I play softball and love it.

how many people can play vooley ball at a time how many people can play vooley ball at a time

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

Supposedly, when starting (age 6). 48% play (t-ball, coach pitch) but as time goes on, it drops to about 29%.

When going to college and playing softball at the same time, you can study any major and play softball. There is no major restriction if you play a sport. At a lot of schools, it you play sports you get priority registration so that you can work around your practice and game schedule.

Four people can play the wii at the same time.

The change up. each time you make a play or just sit out

Yes you still have time just try your best and you will learn it in no time.

One time I heard that 73% of people in the world play an instrument... One time I heard that 73% of people in the world play an instrument...

yes they can I play High school softball and you can get but if you leave the base before the pitcher releases the ball you are out

Yes. Unless your doctor advises against it, you should definitely play all the softball you can, unless you have the potential to make a living in some other sport and need to devote all your time and energy to it.

Up to four people can play online or offline at the same time

Typically, 9 batters are on the line-up at a time. When playing the 'extra player' rules, you can bat 10 players. Usually, the number of people on a softball team is anywhere from 11-13.

5 people play on the court at one time. Most of the time there are about 15 to 25 people all together on a team.

If you are refering to fastpich softball, there are three outfielders; the left fielder, right fielder and center fielder.

usually, about 1 hour and 30 minutes. But it can run over time. Alot of pool games are 1hr. 15mins. but i guess it depends on where and who you play for

So I play tennis for very long time and I'm a senior in my high school. I never played softball before, I really want to play this year. My mother doesn't let me because she thinks softball is gonna effect my tennis skills. I didn't play any team sports either and I really want to try softball. It's only for four months, and I'm not gonna play again. I want to keep playing tennis in college. So do you think 4 months softball will effect my tennis skills so bad that I can't play tennis in college level, or can I practice them together??

In softball, there are 9 players on the field at one time. There are also two, sometimes three, umpires. There are also the first base coach and the third base coaches from the offensive team.

At least 100000 at a time.

There are five on a court at one time

i play it. its fun. keeps the awesome time going. SOFTBALL teaches lessons for life...and the game. i love every minute i am on the field. on a team theres 9 positions to be filled but normally a coach has 14 players...back ups you kno in case of an injury. sub players..and one to be the DH