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Q: How many people can read in Greek?
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What changes took place in greek during the dark age?

Many people lost the ability to read and write.

What changes took place in the Greek world during dark age?

Many people lost the ability to read and write.

Why did they use Greek language on myth?

Nobody deliberately learned Greek just to write Greek mythology. The Greek people spoke, read, and wrote in the Greek language, and were from an area known as Greece. They also happened to write a lot of mythology that we still read today. To the Greek people, writing stories in the Greek language was just as natural as us writing in English.

What were the oracles and in what ways were they used by the Greeks?

they were a type of greek and myth and were used to help people read and write in greek

Where can one read the Greek news?

Greek news can be read on news publication websites such as Ekathimerini, The Telegraph, Greek News Online, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Greek Reporter, and BBC News. Many international news sources cover Greece.

Can many people read?

Probably yes. Many people can read that have been taught. Other people, such as infants, younger children, or people who just don't know how to read, can't read.

How many people could attend greek plays?

18,000 people can attend an ancient Greek play!

What spoken by ancient Romans?

Latin was spoken by the common people and for everyday communication. Educated people spoke and read Greek.

How many people read before bed?

41 % of people read before bed

Can we read Greek writing?

If you speak Greek you can read it ... you have to learn it the same as you learn any writing.

How many people have read the original warriors series?

Many people have read the warriors series, the exact number is not known.

How many people read elle magazine?

Approximately 25 million people read Elle magazine worldwide each month.