Clara Barton

How many people did Clara Barton treat during the civil war?


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she treted about 32165495473675649465465435465486465465 people clara barton saves about 30000 people during the civil war

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Clara helped aroung 1000 soldiers during the civil war but many that she tried to help died

clara barton served in the civil war as a nurse

Clara Barton Started the Red Cross and was one of the most important people in the Civil War Era.

Clara Barton was a nurse during the civil war not a president. she was called the "Angel of Battlefield".

the 3 Government who helped Clara during the civil was the1 red cross2

They both helped others during the Civil War but Clara Barton was white and Harriet Tubman was black.

about 30,000 during the civil war.

She helped care for the soldiers during and after the battles. :)

Clara Barton was a famous nurse in the civil war

Clara Barton was a nurse for the Confederacy (South) :3

Well Clara Barton was however the Angel of the battlefield, Harriett Tubman was a spy and i don't know about the other guy

Clara Barton was given the nickname of Angel of the Battlefield during the Civil War. She worked on the front lines applying dressings and tending to wounded soldiers.

Abraham Lincoln hired Clara Barton in the civil war

An independent woman who helped nurse soldiers and get supplies during the Civil War, Clara Barton is best known for founding the American Red Cross.

She was a nurse.She healed the injured soldiers.

She help people with there lifes and tried to stop the civil war

Clara Barton still worked in the red cross and made bigger and more efficient. also when she was getting old she wrote a book about the civil war and what she went through during that time.

Clara Barton was almost shot during the Battle of Antietam, Maryland in September of 1862. The bullet passed through her dress sleeve and killed the soldier she was attending to.

Clara Barton died at the age of 90 in 1912 - some 47 years after the Civil War ended.

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