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in 2007 there were 15,387 alcohol related deaths

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How many people get arrested for DUI a year?

about 1.5 million people are arrested in The United States each year.

How many people get arrested for DUI a year in Florida?

50 people

How many DUI deaths were there in the year 2012?

There were a total of 10839 fatalities throughout the US in 2012 from DUI drivers. This is an increase from the previous year, where the fatalities caused by people classed as DUI fell below 10,000.

How many DUI are in a year?

1.5 million

What state has most DUI arrests?

California has the most arrests for DUI each year, with number averaging well over 200,000 annually.

How many people died in 2009 from a DUI?


How many people get pulled over for DUI every year?

Each year approximately 16000 are killed in alcohol related crashes ... Over 40% of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related ... Many people believe that New Year's Eve is the night when the most drunken driving ... Many instances of drunk driving accidents could have been prevented by someone interfering

How many chances should you get after caught drinking and driving?

None. It is possible to get a DUI once through carelessness, but after going through that, normal people are extremely careful. Only people with a problem get a second DUI.

How many beers does it take to get a DUI?

It takes 2 beers to get a DUI

How much alcohol does it take to get DUI?

In most states it takes a BAC of .08% to get charged with a per se DUI. Additionally, many states have an additional DUI charge for people with a BAC below that who still exhibit symptoms of impairment.

How long does a DUI stay on your criminal record in Nevada?

In Nevada, the DUI will stay on a persons record for 7 years. Each DUI will take 7 years from the date you are charged.

Is it expensive to hire a DUI attorney?

It is generally very expensive to hire a DUI attorney. Fortunately with the economy being poor, many DUI attorneys have lowered their rates. Fortunately, many DUI attorneys offer free consultations.

Is DUI in Massachusetts a criminal offense?

I think you will find that in any State DUI is an offence. Thousands of people die each year worldwide because of drunk drivers; and the drunks have to be dealt with. If there was no penalty half of Massachusetts would be out plastered behind the wheel of vehicles. People have got to be trained to do the right thing that's why we have penalties that hurt. Ring your police or courthouse if you want to know more.

Can a DUI over 10yrs ago be included with a DUI in 2010?

It depends on the state. Many states count duis occurring within 10 years of each other, but there are some states that keep duis active.

Who should you speak with for DUI advice?

"For DUI advice, the best people to contact is a DUI attorneys office. They have the schooling, experience, and knowlegde to represent a client in a court case."

What is the statute of limitations for DUI in Arizona?

The statute of limitations is the period of time that prosecutors are given to charge a given case. In Arizona, the statute of limitations for a Misdemeanor DUI (Regular DUI, Extreme DUI, Super Extreme DUI) is 1 year. The statute of limitations for a Felony DUI (Aggravated DUI) is 7 years. Here are the sources:

How many alcohol deaths per year?

5,ooo per year and most of them are car related because their DUI most of them are teens to isn't that sad. =',(

How many people get pulled over more than once for DUI?

god to many to count. like hundreds of thousands yearly

Is a DUI considered a felony?

In many states a DUI is a misdemeanor until the third offense at which time it become a "felony DUI." There are other factors that can make a DUI a felony as well such as if a death occurred in conjunction with the DUI. The article below talks about the specifics of the law.

A second DUI?

In most states a second DUI is still a misdemeanor offense. But, that being said, it can still come with some pretty harsh punishments. The punishments for second DUI differ from state to state, but you may be looking at a possible short prison sentence, large fines, community service, year long DL suspension, re-education programs, and interlock devices on vehicles. The law article below goes into more of the specifics of second offense DUI. With DUI, consequences get exponentially worse after each occurrence.

Does the National Guard take people with a DUI?

A DUI wouldn't be a disqualifying offence. However, some states press felony charges for multiple instances of DUI, and such a case may disqualify you.

How many DUI crashes are there every year?

One too many. There is no excuse for driving this way ... it costs everyone, even those who don't consume alcohol.

Is a DUI considered a first degree misdemeanor in Kentucky?

A conviction for DUI 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is considered a misdemeanor in Kentucky, while subsequent DUI convictions within a 5 year period are considered felonies.

How long is probation for a first DUI conviction?

No more then 1 year.

DUI on record concealed weapon permit?

If you mean "Can you obtain a concealed weapons permit if you have a DUI on your record," it depends on state laws. Each state sets its own requirements for issuing permits. In Tennessee, as long as the DUI is not a felony and as long as it's been more than a year (I think) and no more than 2 in the last 5 years, you can still get a gun permit.