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Q: How many people die of sinus infections in the US?
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Can you die of worms?

Yes, people and animals die daily of parasite infections.

What do serverly burned people usually die from?

dyhydration or infections

Can a sinus infection make it hard for you to breath?

In general nasal congestion is associated with sinus infections. There can also be a lot of post nasal drip. These can make breathing through the nose difficult and can make you choke as well. Having said this, shortness of breath is more often associated with lower respiratory infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

What diseases did many solders die from in the civil war?

They mostly died from infections.

What is the Aids mortality rate?

Every year, about 100,000 people die from AIDS/HIV infections.

How many people die from bladder cancer each year?

About 1,200 people die from cancer each year. About 1,200 people die from cancer each year.

How many people worldwide are paralysed?

People don't actually die from being paralyzed. Whatever caused someone to be paralyzed could also kill him or her, but paralysis itself cannot cause someone to die. Plenty of people have been paralyzed from various injuries and infections and continue to live productive lives. Perhaps you meant to ask how many people die from an illness or injury that originally had paralyzed them?

Which did more people die by in the civil war bullets or disease?

Disease - because there was so little medication available. If you were wounded, you would probably die. Also there were many infections that went round whole armies in the field.

What organ is your first line of defense against germs and infections?

bone marrow (people who are exposed to the x ray's radiation for a long time have destroyed bone marrow and die from infections)

Is sick sinus syndrome fatal?

No. Sick Sinus Syndrome is malfunction of heart natural pacemaker. After implatation of artificial pacemaker this syndrome is cured. It means that you will die of anything else but NOT because Sick Sinus Syndrome!

How many people die each?

People die once.

How many people die in whaling accidents?

How many people die in whaling accidents? The answer is 100 people a year