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i don't know because no website tells us

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How many people died from the cholera?

Hundreds of thousand people have died of cholera. In last two hundred years only you have about seven pandemics of cholera.

How many people have died of cholera?

It is not actually known exactly how many people have died from cholera, which is an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food, but it is safe to say that the most died before water treatment plants and other facilities were created. Many died from cholera while on the open prairie in the Wild West. In the Victorian era, about 7000 people died from cholera.

About how many people have died from Cholera?

In the Victorian era, 50% of the people who caught cholera died. It is said that 7000 people died from this disease from 1831-1832, and 15,000 people died from 1848-1849..x

How many people died from cholera in the 18th century?


How many people died in the great stink in London?

it was cholera

How many people have died from cholera since 1900?


How many people died of cholera in the 1800's?


How many people died during the Industrial Revolution?

over 25,000 people died from diseases such as cholera and from pollution

How many people died of cholera in the revolutionary war?

No one. Cholera was unknown to the western world prior to the 1820s. Cholera did not strike the United States until 1832.

How many people died of Cholera in the 1980s?

over 10000 and kailee was here

How many people died of cholera in 1832?

it is said 7000 <3<3

When did cholera spread to tewkesbury?

There was an outbreak of cholera in Tewksbury in 1832 and 76 people died

What country has cholera hit the most?

cameroon,because it has with 256 people died because of cholera

Why do people die in famine?

Famine = No Food???? Also many people died of disease, typhus and cholera mostly.

There was a cholera epidemic in 1832 how many people died?

The death toll is approximated at around 32,000

How many people died due to cholera in Haiti?

10 million as of November 9 2010

How many people in Africa die of Cholera each day?

1500 people die of cholera

How many people died from cholera in the past 10 years?

Worldwide cholera affects 3-5 million people and causes 100,000-130,000 deaths a year as of 2010. So if Cholera has effected 3-5 million deathins in a year tome 5 million to 10 which equals 50 million so 50 million people have died of cholera in the past 10 years. From Sian xx

What is cholera disease?

the cholera disease is when the water you drink is dirty and you get cramps and diarrhoea, most people vomited and died :/

How many people have cholera?

12 million people.

How many people each year die from diseases in haiti each year?

7025 had died only from cholera

Have any famous people died from cholera?

James K. Polk

Why do you think most people who died from Cholera worked as Dyers?

Cholera is a water born disease. Dyers use a lot of water.

How many people die from cholera in haiti?

1800 people

Is cholera eradicated from India?

Cholera is not eradicated from the India. It is not possible to eradicate the cholera from India, in near future. Cholera is maintained in the community with many subclinical cases. Some of the people develop the severe form of cholera. With the majority people living in the villages and slums, they do not have access to good medical care. So many people die of dehydration, in isolated incidences.

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