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2000 people died from el chichon in 1982

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Q: How many people died from el chichon in 1982?
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How many people died in the eruption of Mount El Chichon?


How many people live near el chichon?

i don't know yet half of the population either left before the eruptions started in March 28th or they went missing during the eruptions or died . . . . . . . . . . .

How many people between 1982-2000 have died of AIDS in sub Saharan Africa?

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How many times has El Chichon erupted?

So far, only once.

What Volcano erupted in 1980?

Many volcanoes erupted in the 1980s. Most notable are the eruptions of Mount St. Helens Washington state in 1980, El Chichon in Mexico in 1982, and Nevado del Ruiz in Columbia in 1985.

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How did El Chichon form?

a happy unicorn sent magic bubbles into the sky. then the big fairy in the sky sniffed the bubbles and sneezed because the scent was so strong. all of the magic fairy mucus fell onto the earth and it started to harden, just like rock. then when the people saw it they named it mt. el chichon because el chichon means mucus. i don't know how it was formed. i need to find out myself for a science project!! lol that was fun though:)

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