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we know most of those that died were Jews but we don't know EXACTLY how many people died. They were buried all over the place, and some of the bodies were burned.

Also the Germans took many of the Jews belongings and the Allies recovered these while liberating Jews so the number of items gives an iffy amount but is fairly accurate

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Q: How many people died in concentration camps?
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How many people were saved from the concentration camps?

Not many. Millions of people died in German concentration camps. Only about a hundred died in concentration camps in America.

How many people died in the concentration camps from typhus?

thousands of people

How many Jewish people died in concentration camps?


How many germens died in the concentration camps?

about i million people

How many people died in the polish concentration camps?

None. There were no Polish concentration camps. Of course there were German concentration camps in occupied Poland, where several millions died, but that is another matter.

How many people are estimated to have died in concentration camps?

12 Million.

How many deaths was there in Germany from the holocaust?

If you meant by People who died in Concentration Camps in Germany, then about 762,500 people died the Camps during the Holocaust.

How many people died in nazi concetration camps?

Approximately 4.9million Jews and Jewish children died in the Nazi concentration camps.

How many people were saved in concentration camps?

many Jews were saved from concentration camps.many people were saved like about 5000 people but alot died

How many people died in Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany?

as many micheal jackson raped

What percent of all the people in concentration camps died?

Approximately, 95 percent of the people in the concentration camps died. It could be higher but some did escape and we have no idea about those people. Many who were still in the camps when the Allied Forces found them died later from starvation and typhus and other diseases.

How many Afrikaners died in British concentration camps?

More than 28000 Afrikaner women and children died in the concentration camps

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