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How many people died in the Great Depression?


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About 12 million Americans died as a result of the Great Depression.


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Some studies indicate that as many as 7 million people may have died from starvation during the Great Depression.

more than 5 million people did. about 5 million farmers died during the great depression.

The Great Depression was an important part of American History. Many people died due to illness, malnutrition, and suicide. It is estimated that about 40,000 people committed suicide during the Great Depression.

12,830,000 people were unemployed in the great depression

About 6,000,000 kids died of hunger during the Great Depression.

Thousands of people lived through the Great Depression.

no one died because they all strarting doing tutti and eating it.

How many people were homeless during the Great Depression? Between one and two million people.

The Great Depression affected many people all over the world.

No many people did not like the great depression but some killed their selves because they were to stressed.

There were 1,000 people in the great deprestion

many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression many African Americans were discriminated in Alabama during the great depression

The Great Depression was a horid time many people were sick and starving, people died...families got split apart it was total destruction to the human race

The great depression was not a natural disaster. though it is probable that some people starved to death as a result of it

The Great Depression had an effect on many people. Over 12 million were unemployed. The stock market crash was the main reason for the Great Depression. Agriculture and farming were another important factor. The Great Depression last for at least a decade.The Great Depression affected people everywhere.

Since many people were unemployed during the great depression there was a lot of crime. Additionally, many people couldn't afford college.

The Great Depression caused many people to lose their jobs and their homes in the 1930's America. One long range effect of the Great Depression, was that people learned to save and spend their money wisely.

Not very people at all jumped off of skyscrapers during the Great Depression. Building new skyscrapers were put on hold after the Great Depression but no because people were jumping off of them.

People in the great depression were very depressed because they didnt have alot of money, and lost many of theyre jobs.

the great depression helped people develop new habits about saving money and thriftiness.

The great depression was a time where many people could not make much money, and it was hard to make money.

So many people ended up homeless during the Great Depression becuause they lost there jobs and had no money.

During the great depression people smelled tar paper from what they built when they became homeless and they smelled many cars that passed by.

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