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Q: How many people do scientists estimate were living on earth 9000 years ago?
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What scientists study how people and the earth affect each other?

Ecologists study how living organisms and the earth interact with each other.

Why is it so important for scientists to classify organisms both living and extinct?

It is important for scientists to classify both living and extinct organisms so that historians can know how the earth was millions of years ago and today. It is more important today so that scientists can help people preserve the earth.

What is the process by which scientists can estimate the age of the Earth called?

It is called a recall

Will people go to the space planets if there is no more room to live in on the planet Earth which is where you are living?

Scientists are trying to get life onto Mars.

Is Earth 7 thousand years old?

No. Scientists estimate that Earth is about 4.6 billion years old.

Are there any people living in earth?

Yes there are people living in earth.

What do scientists believe was the first piece of living organism on earth?


What is the oldest living thing in existence?

Excluding God, no offense, The universe. On the Earth, scientists have found a tree that they estimate to be 9550 years old. See the related link for more information.

What year did the sun come on earth?

It was actually the Earth that was shaped in its orbit in the sun. Scientists estimate it was 4.5 billion years ago when the Earth was formed.

What is the bigest living creature on earth?

I believe the biggest living creature that scientists know of right now is the Blue Whale.

Why do scientists think the first living cells to spear on earth were pobably anaerobic heterotrophs?

there was no oxygen in Earth's early atmosphere.

What living things is the earth compared to in the earth is a living thing?

the living things is in the earth but people want to live there they can't