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how many people have appendicitis?

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Q: How many people get appendicitis?
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How many people get appendicitis a year?

About 1 in 500 people get appendicitis each year.

Can you catch appendicitis from other people?

You do not catch appendicitis from other people.

What does appendix mean?

The appendix is a dead-end tube in the intestines. It has no function, and it causes problems in many people, in the form of appendicitis, which is a disease caused by the appendix. When people contract appendicitis, they must get surgery to have their appendix removed.

How many people die from appendicitis each year?

really really not many trust me

How bad does appendicitis hurt?

You can have appendicitis and no pain or you could have an appendicitis with a lot of pain. When i had appendicitis about a month ago i have some pain but it was not that bad that i couldn't walk or anything like that but the surgeon that did my operation said that some people have appendicitis and can not feel any pain but he also said that some people have really bad pain and have nothing wrong with them.

Do people over thirty years old get appendicitis?

No age is immune for attack of appendicitis.

Why people get appendicitis?

The appendix is a sack that hangs off of the cecum - part of the large intestine. Appendicitis literally means swelling of the appendix. There are many causes, although obstruction is the most common. The end result is generally infection, which is often what leads to pain and other signs of appendicitis.

Can appendicitis be mistaken for Crohns?

Yes. Many Crohns sufferers prior to being diagnosed with the disease will have had a diagnosis of appendicitis and many patients will have that organ removed. Severe appendicitis has similar symptoms to a Crohns flare up.

Can you die from an appendicitis opperation?

no.there are very low chance that you can die from appendicitis operation.I know a lot of people that are operated and they are fine.I have no information about a case of death during appendicitis operation in my country.

How much time do you have from when appendicitis symptoms first occur to when your appendix can rupture?

There is no answer or equation for this. Each occurrence is specific to many variables. Some people have chronic appendicitis (never any rupture) and some people have only hours. It is important to understand EVERY occurrence is different and there is no answer other than this one.

Is there a cure for appendicitis?

No not yet. If there was people wouldn't have to get it removed.

Right stomach pain?

There are many reasons why you could have stomach pain on your right side including appendicitis. Appendicitis is the swelling and irritation of the appendix.

Where is the Pain?

Appendicitis can present itself in different ways with different people. Appendicitis symptoms normally start with a pain in the right side. There could be a fever associated with the pain if the appendix has already ruptured of if there is an infection present. Nausea and vomiting are also appendicitis symptoms.

What is meant by subacute appendicitis?

Appendicitis that is not yet as serious as acute appendicitis.

Where does appendicitis come from?

i want to know where the appendicitis come from? how do you stop the appendicitis?

Can you catch appendicitis?

No.. Only some people in their lifes get it.... It isn't spreadable...

What is causative agent of appendicitis?

they are many bacteria that invade the appendices.One of them it is e. coli, b. fragilis, P. mirabilis.They are the most common bacteria causative of appendicitis.

How many people have died from appendicitus?

what is appedicitus? Appendicitis is inflammation of the Appendix which is treated by antibiotics and Surgery. Any surgery has risks but the death rate from Appendectomy is very low about 0.3 per cent. It can be slightly higher in the elderly and Surgery for Appendicitis is a relatively safe procedure

What is your reaction on appendicitis?

what are the reaction on appendicitis

How can you get appendicitis fast?

There is no way by which you can get the appendicitis.

Is appendicitis a proper noun?

No, the noun appendicitis is a common noun, a word for any case of appendicitis in anyone.

Is there appendicitis vaccine?

There is no known vaccine for appendicitis.

How can you get appendicitis from exercising after you eat?

No. you do not get appendicitis that way.

Recognizing Appendicitis Symptoms to Get Treatment Quickly?

Having your appendix removed is a relatively simple surgical procedure. Despite that, appendicitis can still be a dangerous condition since many patients don“t get proper treatment quickly enough. If a patient doesn’t recognize his symptoms as appendicitis, he may put off a trip to the hospital. This pushes an appendectomy back even further, since a doctor needs to observe a patient with apparent appendicitis for a while before performing surgery. Therefore, it’s very important to be familiar with the symptoms of appendicitis so you will recognize an attack if you or someone you love is having one. The main symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain. People are traditionally told that appendicitis pain is on the right side, and after about five or six hours, that’s probably where the patient will feel the pain. However, when an attack first begins, the pain isn’t as localized and may be felt all over the abdominal area. This generalized pain leads many people to think their pain isn’t related to appendicitis. It’s important to take any abdominal pain seriously and watch it for developments. The movement of abdominal pain in appendicitis is from generalized pain at first to very specific, localized pain as it progresses. The exact location of the pain may be higher or lower depending on what part of the appendix is affected. If the appendix bursts, the pain goes back to more generalized as the entire abdominal lining becomes inflamed. Another symptom of appendicitis is nausea and vomiting. There may or may not be diarrhea present as well. Most patients experience fever, but the absence of fever doesn’t necessarily mean an illness isn’t appendicitis. Some patients with appendicitis develop a coating like white fur on the tongue. Appendicitis patients may curl up on their right side, as this may help lessen the pain. Someone suffering from appendicitis will notice that the pain gets much worse if he sneezes, coughs or laughs. When the appendix is inflamed during appendicitis, someone with the patient may be able to feel a hard, distended place on the right side of the patient’s abdomen. However, if you can’t feel that, don’t assume the illness isn’t appendicitis. It may be hard to feel the right spot for someone who isn’t a doctor.

Can a appendicitis be caused in a car accident?

Is this a joke? Appendicitis, is related to your appendix.. Appendicitis happens when your appendix gets infected or inflamed from the inside... its internal not external, so no i do not believe you can get appendicitis from a car accident..