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how many people have appendicitis?

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2008-07-02 02:54:13
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Q: How many people get appendicitis?
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How many people get appendicitis a year?

About 1 in 500 people get appendicitis each year.

Can you catch appendicitis from other people?

You do not catch appendicitis from other people.

How many people die from appendicitis each year?

really really not many trust me

Do people over thirty years old get appendicitis?

No age is immune for attack of appendicitis.

What does appendix mean?

The appendix is a dead-end tube in the intestines. It has no function, and it causes problems in many people, in the form of appendicitis, which is a disease caused by the appendix. When people contract appendicitis, they must get surgery to have their appendix removed.

Is there a cure for appendicitis?

No not yet. If there was people wouldn't have to get it removed.

Why people get appendicitis?

The appendix is a sack that hangs off of the cecum - part of the large intestine. Appendicitis literally means swelling of the appendix. There are many causes, although obstruction is the most common. The end result is generally infection, which is often what leads to pain and other signs of appendicitis.

Can appendicitis be mistaken for Crohns?

Yes. Many Crohns sufferers prior to being diagnosed with the disease will have had a diagnosis of appendicitis and many patients will have that organ removed. Severe appendicitis has similar symptoms to a Crohns flare up.

Can you die from an appendicitis opperation?

no.there are very low chance that you can die from appendicitis operation.I know a lot of people that are operated and they are fine.I have no information about a case of death during appendicitis operation in my country.

What is meant by subacute appendicitis?

Appendicitis that is not yet as serious as acute appendicitis.

Where does appendicitis come from?

i want to know where the appendicitis come from? how do you stop the appendicitis?

What is your reaction on appendicitis?

what are the reaction on appendicitis

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