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How many people have been in space?


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After the launch of STS-127 (Space Shuttle Endeavour) to the ISS, there will have been 500 people who have flown to space. (The launch will be around July.) So as of now, 499 people have been to space.

As of 6 July 2016, there have been 536 individuals who have visited space.

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500 people have been too space

There have been 536 people that have traveled to outer space. Twelve of these people have walked on the moon.

There has been approximately 358 people to visit the International Space Station. Some of the visitors have been to the space station numerous times.

according to the wikipediia list of all space travellers 458 people have gone into space

Very few people have ever been into space. As of 2014, 595 are thought to have made the journey into space.

Yes, Space Shuttles carried people into space for many years. Today they have been retired and are no longer in use.

Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space (USAF definition) - 474 Total Number of People Who Have Been in Space (FAI definition) - 468 Total Number of People Who Have Been in Earth Orbit - 465 Of these, 47 have been women.I found all this information at

About fifteen, depending on your definition of "black".

people have been using space porbes since 1958

spacecraft accidents have ocurred before exiting the earth's atmosphere or after entering it so to date no one has been burned in space.

there are 60000000 people in space

England has never been into space

There have been 12 Australian astronauts that have been in space.

how many space missions have been sent to the moon 4

there has been 44 probes sent into space

All of the male astronauts have had them, although many of those kept them shaved off.

The number will be high as we have to count the cosmonauts as well.The shuttle and space station had many at a time could be 400 in all.

Which space probe? there have been many.

Approximately 463 astronauts have been to space, but usually there are only three at once - the astronauts on the International Space Station. When the shuttle is on a mission there are a total of ten or eleven people in space.

About 500 people from nearly 40 nations have traveled in space. The common countries are Russia, United States, and China!

The New Mexico Museum of Space History has inducted 173 individuals into the International Space Hall of Fame.

32 monkeys have been in space.

There have been at least 40 different space ships that have gone into space. There have been an estimated 100 or more attempts.

There are three people currently aboard the International Space Station.

Marc Garneau has been to space 3 times

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