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People have not been killed in dolphin attacks, but bitten and pulled under water. Dolphins have killed porpoises and even other dolphins.

According to the National Geographic program Dolphin Attack, there is one confirmed case of a bottlenose dolphin killing an adult human male. However, it was a provoked attack. The wild dolphin was swimming close to the shore, and the man who saw it and waded in to get closer was drunk. The dolphin was apparently friendly, rolling over and allowing him to touch and stroke it, but he then tormented or hit it. The dolphin retaliated with a single ramming, before swimming away for good. The man died of internal injuries in hospital some hours later.

It should also be noted that the Killer Whale is a species of dolphin and not an actual whale, therefore there are recorded human deaths by dolphins, but due to mislabeling it would be seen as a whale attack rather than a dolphin attack.

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People can be killed by Dolphins, if they think your playing they can tak you under water by your hair for like 2-4 minuets and the lingest that humans can hold there breath is about 1 minuets or even less, so yes people can be killed by dolphins but in the world there have been about 20 or less people in the US that have had that happened to them, but without that happening then dophins are sweet!! umm if you liked my advise you can look my up on skype at ilikepie2202 but you can only 10-15 boys or girls, I love you guys bye!

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it dose not say were is it

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Q: How many people have been killed in dolphin attacks?
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