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How many people have died playing soccer football?

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8 (I have tried to provide a reason for why they died): Mistar-Indonesia: killed by pigs overruning the pitch 2 players struck by lightning: Army Ciup Final Tony Allden-Shirley: Struck by lightning David Longhurst-York City: Colapsed and died shortly before half time Sam Wynne-Bury John Thompson-Celtic: Flung himself at the feet of Sam English Jimmy Thorpe-Sunderland: Injured playing against Chealsea, died a few days later

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What is more dangerous football or soccer?

In both sports you can get seriously injured, most people think soccer is nothing but one of my friends got a concussion during a game playing keeper. I myself have broken my leg and my arm playing soccer. But football is much more dangerous, people have died playing football. In soccer people can die on the field but it's always because of a heart attack or something like that. So i would say football is more dangerous.

Has anyone ever died playing soccer?

yes its on you tube and it was like Asian football check it out

Is soccer safer than football?

No way, Jose! More people have died in soccer than you have fingers! And besides, in soccer, you have two tiny shin guards. In football, you are almost fully padded, AND have headgear!

How many people have died in the UK playing association football?

Many more then 197 people died in uk

How many people died while playing pro football?

626 people since 1920!

How many people have died playing football this year?

no one... at least not yet

How many soccer players died on the football pitch?


Why do soccer players die while playing soccer?

only a few football players have died while playing football most noticeably Antionio Puerta, although he did not die during the actual game - later in hospital. the cause is usually a answer your question they dont die from tackles or anything, haha

What sport had the biggest injury?

Some one died in football (soccer)

How many football players have died playing football?

...too many. :(

Has anyone died playing football?


Did anyone ever die on the field in pro football?

American Football-Yes, in 1971 a Lions wide receiver had a heart attack while running a route and died. Soccer-a Sudi Arabian soccer player dies on field. People think he broke his neck...=/

Why doesn't Quinnipiac have a football team?

because one of the founders sons died playing football

Did Edgar Allan Poe play football?

Poe may have played soccer (aka football) or rugby, but American football was not even invented until after Poe died.

How any football players died playing football?

Yes. There has been players that have had heart attacks in a match.

Has a football player ever died in a football game?

yes people have

When did the game of football soccer begin?

Well, it started off when a ship crashed into the ice and a person died and they chopped his head off and kicked it. that's soccer.

How many people have died from football?

well not a lot of people because people play football all the time

How many football players died playing college football?

I believe only one died from a football related injury. There were many to die due to other problems but during game play.

How many football players have died while playing?

In the NFL, only 4.

Who a famous soccer player that died?

lots of players have died on the pitch while playing. Marc-Vivien Foe, Miki Fehr,

How many people have died playing lacrosse total?

One that I know. My brother died playing it.

How many people died in the hilsborough disaster?

If you're referring to the people getting crushed in a football stadium- 96 people died.

Football players that have died on the field?

Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions in 1971 died playing the Chicago Bears. He had a heart attack.

How many peoples died in World War I?

world war one effected a lot of people and when the men where sent to fight they thought it would be fun playing football everyday but infact that was not true. in world war one over 2.000.000 people died.