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I know i have! i was a hard-out smoker until my tonsils swelled up, my skin went pale,i got stomach pains with diarrhea and became very paranoid and down on myself with my depressive thoughts nearly every time i smoked even the smallest bit! soo not good for me!!

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What are some positive effects of cannabis?

One of the main reasons people smoke cannabis is to get high/stoned. This feeling brings off some positive effects, but for many unlucky people, very negative ones.

How many people smoke cannabis?


How many people are currently in UK jails for using cannabis?

millions of people have denn put in jail because of cannabis!

How many people smoke cannabis per year?

10,000,000,000,000 people

How many people use cannabis daily?

It is estimated that nearly 700,000 people smoke cannabis each day world wide. And another 50,000 people trying it for the first time.

Which of the following describes a spontaneous reaction?

The Gibbs free energy for the reaction is negative.

How many people have cannabis?

8.3 million were diagnosed last year.

How many people die from using cannabis?

none because it is good for you

How many people died of cannabis use last year?

Cannabis seldom causes death. Heavy users may develop emphysema, however. No statistics are available on deaths related to cannabis.

How is cannabis used?

people (many young adults smoke it) smoke it you can get: giggly, Forgetful, confused, Paranoid, Relaxed and Sleepy that is what cannabis does to you and how you can use it.......

How many grams are there in 1 ounze of cannabis?

how many grams are there in 1 ounze of cannabis?

Is cannabis a holy herb?

Sure. Such as when you smoke it, or take it in food or drink. And when vaporized. Cannabis induces peace in most sane people and many insane as well.

How many people smoke cannabis in the UK?

5,678, 618 last time I checked

Why many people think cannabis is a class A or B drug?

Because recent scientific research has uncovered negative effects from the drug that were previously unknown to us. It's recently been proven that cannabis can cause schizophrenia, autism and paranoia syndrome which can be passed on generically to future generations. There are many other reasons, see the related question below for the full list. In many countries, particularly European and Asian countries, penalties for cannabis possession has risen in light of the new research. In the UK cannabis was bumped up from a minor class C to a higher class B.

Why is cannabis iilegal?

Because cannabis causes negative effects to the human body (see related question below) which can endanger life (your own or another persons) and these effects could be passed on genetically. Many people believe the drug is illegal because the government would lose money if everybody used it - this is incorrect. Some governments actually prescribe cannabis for certain disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, though not all the time.

How many people in joy smoking cannabis than drinking?

A whole lot. Most people who smoke don't drink.

How many people haved died from eating magic mushrooms?

It is unknown how many people have died from overdose on Psilocybin/ hallucinatory mushrooms. Usually people are injured or killed while experiencing "a bad trip" or negative psychological reaction to ingestion of the mushrooms.

Why did the bubonic plague have a negative affect on Europe?

There was a negative affect because so many people died and there wasn't many people who survived

How many leaves does cannabis have?


What types of statistics show us how many people use cannabis?

A survey is one possibility if results are confidential.

How many people have taken cannabis?

everyone go ask your parents theyll probably say yes that they have tried it

What was the reaction towards spinning jenny?

The reaction was that people had riots and destroey the machines because it put many people out of business.

How many people in the world have RH negative blood?

15% of people in the world are rh negative...i happen to be one of that 15%

Does cannabis cure cancer?

Yes , cannabis can heal many types of ailment so i smoke it to stay healthy

What does cannabis cure?

Cannabis helps chronic pain. There are many horrible side affects though. Cannabis doesn't cure, but it HELPS chronic pain, with little or NO side effects.

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