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About 1% of China's population live in, and around, Beijing. The population of Beijing is approx 12 million people

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How many people are in Beijing?

There are 22 million people living in Beijing .

How many people live in Beijing 2010?

about 5 people live in Beijing China

How many people live in china and how many people live in Beijing?

1,330,141,000 people are approximately living in China. The population of Beijing is about 17 million. (The 2007 population estimate for the population of Beijing was 16,330,000)

How many people are in the Beijing Olympic?


How many people in Beijing are homeless?


How many visitors saw the Beijing Olympics?

millions of people saw the Beijing Olympics in person

How many people will watch paralolympics in Beijing?

obviously NOT MANY

How many support people does us send to Beijing?

there were 645 althels that when to Beijing how many support personal went also

How many people attend the Beijing Olympics?

650 million People attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008 :D Hope it help:)))

How many people can fit in the Beijing stadium for the Olympics?

Why do people fart

How many people watched the Beijing Olympics?

4 billion people

Why is the pollution so bad in Beijing?

Because Beijing have many people and they may die due to servacation.

How many people live in Beijing China?


How many people participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

It is not quite accurate how many people participated but The number of countries participating in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 was 205.

How many people are in bejing?

14 million people live in Beijing which is the capital of china also14 million people live in Beijing which is the capital of china also

How many people live in Beijing in china?

2. Me, and my dog.

How many people particepated in the swimming Olympics in Beijing?


What is Beijing best know for?

Beijing is best known for it's food by many people but if you are really a fan of Beijing you would know that it is known for it's historical sites, places to visit, the amazing people there and the entertainment values.

How many people from china are competing in the Olympics in Beijing?

Over 630

How many people did Iraq send to the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


How many people does the great Beijing wheel contain?

1,920 passengers

How many people were involved in making the Beijing Olympics happen?

more than two people

What types of food do Beijing people eat?

Beijing Food

What are Peking people?

The Peking people are the people of Beijing. Peking is simply the Romanized version of the Chinese city of Beijing.

How many people visited Beijing during the 2008 Olympic games?

A lot

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