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About 20 billion people have computers, that's just in Africa! Imagine how many people in the world have computers if 20 billion people in Africa have them!

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Q: How many people in the world have computers?
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How many people use computers in the world?


How many people know how to use computers in the world?

500300000108 PEOPLE

How computer is necessary in today's world?

Computers are used for everything. Most people pay all of their bills on their computers. Computers are also a way that many people communicate with one another.

How many people in the world are using computers today?

There's a recent study that every 99 in 100 people uses computers and 1 in 100 does not.

Approx how many home computers are in the world?

Who knows? Maybe most of the people have computers except the ones in the poor countries...

How can computers be used?

Computers can be used for many things. They are used for work, for businesses, for schools, and to connect with people all over the world.

Do Pakistani people have computers?

Yes, many people in Pakistan have computers.

How are laptops used?

i think that many people around the world you portable computers for communication

Do Brazilians have computers?

Yes, people have computers in all parts of the world.

What people were most important to the development of computers before the First Generation of computers?

many people many people

How many computers are there in the world?

There are 978,577,197,057 computers in the world and a third of those computers are manufactured by, norway sorry finland

How many people own computers worldwide?

According to the CIA World Factbook there are an estimated as of 2005 there were 1,018,057,389 internet users worldwide. How many actually own computers is questionable.

How many computers are in there in the world?


How many people worldwide use computers?

There are approximately 900 million computers throughout the world. On average there is about two people sharing one computer which equals 1 billion computer users.

How many people in UK own computers?

The amount of people own a computers in uk are:783.5

How many people understand computers?

There are millions of people who understand computers. This comes from the growing age of needing to understand how computers work.

How many people do not have computers?

A lot

Are there more computers than people in the world?


Advantages of computers in society?

Computers have helped people interact more and offered them a world full of information. They have helped many companies and homes run more efficiently.

How many people in the world use computers?

about 35,OOO,OOO - not much - when compared with the World's Human Population

How many digital computer in the world?

Counting embedded control computers, more than the number of living people.

How many super computers are there in the world?


How many kinds of computers are there in the whole world?

how many totaly kinds of computers in the world? my e-mail address :

How many mac computers are in the world?

Too many. Not enough.

Why are they making new computers?

Is this a trick question? So that there are computers for people to buy. Not everyone in the world has a computer.