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This is really not possible to answer. But, for the record, and as someone who works in the music industry, I can honestly say I have rarely - if ever - met ''anyone'' who does not like ''some'' kind of music to some degree. And I have '''never''' met anyone who says they dislike or hate music.

Not exactly the answer you're looking for, I'm sure, but most likely the best you'll find.

everyone likes some sort of music.....even tribes have their own sense of music. deff people even enjoy

music....cough cough bethoven.

there are to many pplz that listening to music and this hard to see how many pplz listening to music.pplz who don't listening to music still listen to music

too many to know, also get eminem's albums here

i think everyone loooooovvveess it in some way

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New - Yes, millions upon billions of people love music. Though there will always be those minorities among us. I never thought anyone could hate music until I had met an old Teacher of mine who absolutely despised and so no meaning to music at all. Though I am completely infatuated with music, I am like the red headed Peyton Sawyer of New York! Never Hate music, the Drama Club might just hunt you down! LOL


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People who like industrial music or him.

no poems are not music. poems are poetry that many people like to say with a beat, so many people think that a poem is music, but it is not.

No, It is not really shown to the world. As in it is not heard that often on the radio or on a music channel. Many people may like it BUT sadly it is not that commercialised that well.

The majority of music world wide is secular. So most people listen to secular music.

People in Mexico listen to all sorts of music, just like the people from all around the world. I myself know many Mexicans who are fans of Japanese music, but similarly, there are fans of pop, rock, trance, dubstep, metal, world, folk, classical, and whatever other music you might be able to think of.

Because without music,this world would be out of control. Music helps people in many ways.

because its different to other music genre

that's just an opinion. Liking and disliking is very personal and one should not get agitated when somebody asks question like this. Some people like pop and others don't, some like rap and others don't similarly many people around the world like country music and so are the people who don't like it. It is just the music and your perception about it, that's all.

about 52.87 percent because everyone likes different styles of music

Yes I do because I can be relaxing or exciting. Many people do like music and heaps of people love different things. Some people don't like music at all and I didn't until a certain age. is a site that helps you meet people who like the same music you do. There are many people interested in rock and metal music on the site Vampire Freaks and there are also many people on MySpace who are interested in this style of music.

They were effected in many ways like their paintings, music and dance was all changed and based on World War 2

About 732,983 people in the world like donuts.

MANY People around the world do.

There are many people around the world.... like billions of people

Many people do not like Twilight. Different people have different tastes. In entertainment, hobbies, music etc

Well most of his songs had meaning to it. Through his music, Michael opened the eyes of many people to see what the world is really like Example: Poverty. This has inspired people to take action and follow in his footsteps. Also people can relate to his music which gives them a sense of hope, love, inspiration, comfort, meaning.

There are so many different types of music because people have different tastes. Also, different types of music have been developed in different parts of the world.

there is a lot of people in the world named kailey like me

Music has been entertaining people for many many long years now...Well for me the way i enjoy music is listen to the words and have it adapt to my life... i also like the vibrations and the sounds of many songs that put that kind of thing in there.

Many people world wide listen to classical music. The classical compositions are a welcomed change of pace from the popular music of today. Of course there is no language barrier to classical music. Thus many people still listen to the composers of classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven.

a lot. he gave amazing music and inspiration to many people.

Upbeat music, probably like Hip hop today. Also romance songs many of which were sing by Vera Lynne- We'll meet againg for example.

about 96% of the world

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