How many people in the world like music?

This is really not possible to answer. But, for the record, and as someone who works in the music industry, I can honestly say I have rarely - if ever - met ''anyone'' who does not like ''some'' kind of music to some degree. And I have '''never''' met anyone who says they dislike or hate music.

Not exactly the answer you're looking for, I'm sure, but most likely the best you'll find.

everyone likes some sort of music.....even tribes have their own sense of music. deff people even enjoy

music....cough cough bethoven.

there are to many pplz that listening to music and this hard to see how many pplz listening to music.pplz who don't listening to music still listen to music

too many to know, also get eminem's albums here

i think everyone loooooovvveess it in some way

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New - Yes, millions upon billions of people love music. Though there will always be those minorities among us. I never thought anyone could hate music until I had met an old Teacher of mine who absolutely despised and so no meaning to music at all. Though I am completely infatuated with music, I am like the red headed Peyton Sawyer of New York! Never Hate music, the Drama Club might just hunt you down! LOL