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Q: How many people live in Copenhagen?
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Where do most people live in Denmark?


Why does most population of denmark live in Copenhagen?

Because it is the Capital.. Around 30 % of the danish people live in Copenhagen

What is the population of Denmark Copenhagen?

1.7 million people live in the Greater Copenhagen Area.

How many people in Copenhagen speak Danish?


What language do people in Copenhagen speak?

People in Copenhagen speak Danish.

Where does the danish royal family live?

They live in Copenhagen.

Where does joltterfootball live?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Where did neils bohr live?

Copenhagen, Denmark

How many airports in Copenhagen?

There is only 1 airport in Copenhagen.

Where did Annemarie Johansen live in Number the Stars?

Copenhagen, Denmark

How many pages does The Cats of Copenhagen have?

The Cats of Copenhagen has 40 pages.

Where did Niels Bohr live?

Copenhagen...Mostly.Copenhagen, Denmark

What are people in Copenhagen called?


How many airports are there in Copenhagen?

one... Copenhagen airport in Kastrup, its a small city

How many miles is Berlin from Copenhagen?

The distance between Berlin and Copenhagen is 224miles.

What did the Johansen's and Rosen's have in common in Number the Stars?

They live in Copenhagen

What is the population of zealand Denmark?

5,5 million people live in Denmark. 2,75 million on Zealand. 1 million in Copenhagen area.

What are some tourist attractions in Copenhagen?

There are many attractions in Copenhagen. You can do the castle tours,hop on hop off tour,as well as the Copenhagen grand tour. You can also do the Copenhagen shore excursion.

What name is given to the criteria established to determine whether a country can join the EU?

The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.The Copenhagen Criteria.

How did the Nazi occupation change the lives of people in Copenhagen?

was the tea in copenhagen in the beginning of the nazi occupation real or fake

What is the population of the largest city in denmark?

Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark. The population depends on where you draw the line between what's Copenhagen and what's not Copenhagen. Copenhagen Municipality has a population of 615,000 people. Note that Frederiksberg Municipality is another municipality surrounded by Copenhagen Municipality, and is home to 105,000 people. If you broaden the area to the urban area (Storkøbenhavn) you will get a population of 1,295,000 people. If you take metropolitan area (Hovedstadsområdet) you will reach a population of 2,035,000 people.

Where did the yellow fever people flee to?

They Fled To Copenhagen.

How many people live or how many people do live?

The former is correct.

How many people live in grasslands?

do people live in GRASSLANDS.. and how many

How many people live in Guadalajara?

How Many people live in guadalajara