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How many people live in Vermont?

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The current population is 626,000. This is for the whole state of Vermont.

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About 621,000.

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How many Jewish people live in Vermont?

5,510 Jewish people live in vermont

How many people live on Vermont?


How many people live in Vermont today?

About 621,730.

How long do people live in Vermont?

people live in vermont more than 400 years

How many African American people live in Vermont?

the are approx 963 african american in state of vermont

Where do the richest people live in Vermont?

Dorset vermont

What is a nickname for people who live in Vermont?

Dorset Vermont

How many people live in Peru Vermont in 2014?

The latest census data (2010) shows that the population of Peru, Vermont, is 375.

How many people live in Vermont as of this date?

The estimated population in Vermont as of July 1, 2016 was 624,594 per the U.S. Census Bureau.

If people who live in Virginia are Virginians what are people who live in Vermont called?


How many people live in Burlington Vermont?

The 2000 US Census recorded 38,889 residents.

How many retirees live in Vermont?

The national institution of elders of america says about 4 retirees live in vermont.

DO any famous people live in Vermont?


What kind of dwelling did people of Vermont live in?


How many Native Americans live in Vermont?


Who are the richest people in Vermont?

One of the richest people in Vermont is Robert Stiller. Robert is worth 580 million dollars. Forrest and Frank Mars live in Vermont and are worth about 20 billion dollars.

How many kinds of owls live in vermont?

5 kinds of owl live in bc

Do wolf spiders live in Vermont?

Yes, wolf spiders live in Vermont.

How many same-sex couples live in Vermont?

According to the Williams Institute's analysis of the 2010 US Census, 2,143 same-sex couples live in Vermont, representing .84% of all Vermont households.

Where does Bill Lee live in Vermont?

Craftsbury, Vermont

How many Hispanics live in Vermont?

According to the 2008 Statistical Abstract, as of July, 2007, there were 8,170 people of Hispanic origin living in Vermont, which is about 1.3% of the entire population of the state. At that time Vermont had the least total number of Hispanics than any other state.

How many people died during the civil war from Vermont?

12,000 died in the Vermont 1st Regiment 3,500 died in the Vermont 22nd Regiment

How many people believe in God in Vermont?

The exact number of people in Vermont who believe in God is not known. In one study, 46 percent of the people that responded in Vermont said they do not have an absolute belief in God. In an unrelated survey, 19 percent of the people surveyed in Vermont said they were very religious.

Do catamounts live in Vermont?

Yes they have been spotted in vermont

Where does Bernie Sanders live?

His home is in Burlington, Vermont.