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Alot of people do and what is to say that they are wrong?

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โˆ™ 2009-01-21 22:15:56
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Q: How many people really believe in Vampires and Werewolves?
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Can vampires and werewolves have babies?

Not really

Who is faster vampires or werewolves in the twilight series?

Well, both really. Vampires are know for their super speed, but werewolves are fast as well.

Are vampires werewolves or zombies cooler?

Vampires and werewolves, because they are much much cooler and zombies are not really realistic! On a scale of one to ten, ten being the coolest :- Vampires 6-9 Werewolves 3-7 Zombies 0

Are vampires really exist?

No, vampires are fictional beings, just like werewolves, fairies and Santa Claus.

How long have vampires and werewolfs been enemies?

Not all vampires and werewolves are enemies. So it really depends on the different werewolves and vampires around because if they are enemies then they would have been enemies since they started disliking each other.

Do werewolves beat vampires?

In some works of fiction they do, in others they cooperate, in still others werewolves have been depicted as slaves or subservient to vampires. It really depends on the author and the story he hopes to tell.

Can you proof that vampire n lycan are really exist?

There is no proof that vampires and werewolves exist. They are creatures of myth and legend. There have been people who believe themselves affected by these non-existent states, but they are often people with personality disorders. However, vampires and werewolves are great fiction, and the many books and films and TV series on the subject have given a great deal of excitement and enjoyment to people. So long may they continue to "exist"!

What is dangerouse to a vampire?

nothinggg vampires are amazingg(: haha werewolves(: not really because they can protect themselvess!!

Who is better Werewolfs or Vampire?

Well that's really just a 50/50 question because some people may like 'werewolves' better than 'vampires'. It depends on what you think. I think werewolves are better, because they can eat anything, and they can drink too, when vampires can only drink blood.

Where can you find werewolf books?

Twilight's about Werewolves (and vampires, of coures) you really should read them, they're great!

How do females become werewolves in twilight?

It's the same for everyone it's inherited. If you mean Leah then she just has it in her blood. When vampires are around the ones who have the gene in their blood turn to werewolves. But really there is no werewolves in twilight, in breaking dawn it turns out that they really are shape shifters, werewolves would need full moon.

Why do werewolves hate vampires?

They just do, no-one really knows why, I guess werewolves and vampies are just born enimes...apart from if lycans are involved. (Because they are half vampire-half werewolf...)because werewolves think that vampires are going to suck their blood.I have absolutely no idea, but there is a sort of repellent between the two. Just inborn or instinct I guess. Werewolves are just greedy anyhow; steal things from vampires

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