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95 percent people speak cantonese in Hong Kong

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Q: How many people speak Cantonese in Hong Kong?
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Where do people speak cantonese?

Cantonese is mainly speak in Hong Kong and GuangZou...

What lanquage is spoken in Hong Kong?

They speak mainly Cantonese, and also English and Mandarin.

How do you speak Cantonese language in Hong Kong?

It works the same as speaking any language. If you known Cantonese, you can speak it. You also take classes to learn it.

What are the differences between Hong Kong and southkorea?

Hong Kong is an island, South Korea is a CountryThey speak cantonese in Hong Kong, Korean in KoreaJust the two main difference but there are many more...

Which countries speak cantonese?

Cantonese is spoken in at least some areas of: China Hong Kong Macau Singapore Taiwan Vietnam

Do people in Hong Kong speak in English?

Yes many people in Hong Kong understand and speak English.

What are people from Hong Kong known as?

Technically they are known as Chineese. Hong Kong was given back to the Chineese government in 1997. The Cantonese residents of Hong Kong refer to themselves as Hong Kongers or Hong Kongese.

Is Hong Kong part of guangdong'?

No. Hong Kong is an independent region that falls under the special administrative region status of the People's Republic of China. It is a reasonable, yet incorrect, belief that Hong Kong is a part of Guangdong, however. The capital of Guangdong is Canton (also known as Guangzhou), which is the origin of the Cantonese dialect which is the predominantly spoken language in Hong Kong. The christening of "Guangdong" in English was romanized by the Cantonese pronounciation of the province. The word for "Cantonese" in the dialect itself can roughly be translated to "Guangdong speak". Cantonese is most heavily concentrated in Hong Kong, Macau, and parts of Guangdong, initiating ties between the three.

How do how are you in Hong Cong?

The main languages in Hong Kong are Cantonese Chinese and English. In Cantonese "How Are You?" is "Ni How Maa".

What is the culture of Cathay Pacific?

Cantonese (Hong Kong)

What languages are spoken in Hong Kong?

Languages Spoken in Hong Kong People in Hong Kong speak Cantonese. Mandarin is spoken in mainland China, but there are different dialects. For example, Shanghai people speak Shanghai dialect, while Beijing people speak the formal Mandarin. Hong Kong, especially under British rule was a cosmopolitan city that embraced English and Chinese as equal.It is almost impossible to find a job in Hong Kong that pays decently or that deals with the public if you don't speak English and Chinese. French is also popular but less so than English.AnswerShort answer: Cantonese and English (officially), and often Mandarin Hong Kong, whilst now a semi-independent region of China, was formerly ruled by the British, therefore the territory is officially bilingual between Cantonese and English.The general day-to-day language is Cantonese, the language spoken throughout the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. This region includes the cities Macau, Guangzhou (Canton) and Shenzhen. Most people within the extremely urban areas have a generally good knowledge of English, and this is taught on the school curriculum.Many people speak Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of China. This is related to cultural reasons, and often due to the mass immigration of Chinese to Hong Kong when China became a communist state. Other dialects/languages spoken include Fujianese (a dialect of Mandarin spoken in the Fujian province of China, mostly spoken by Fujian region migrants), Wu (a major dialect of Mandarin), Shanghainese (a dialect of Wu), Tibetan, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese and Portuguese (from the Portuguese rule of Macau across the river).People from Hong Kong mainly speak Cantonese, and also English and Mandarin.Mostly 3 languages: English, Cantonese and Manderin...They speak English and Cantonese.The people of Hong Kong speak English, because it was a British colony. They also speak Cantonese, which is the Chinese dialect of that part of China.cantoneseEnglish and Chinese r the official onesmandarinThe dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong is Cantonese. In addition, many also speak Mandarin as it has been taught in schools for quite some time. English is also widely spoken, with Hong Kong having been part of the British empire for 99 years, ending in 1997.Cantonese is the official language of Hong Kong although English is still widely spokenCantonese and English are official languages of Hong KongHong Kong's "de facto" language is Cantonese. However, many citizens are conversant in Mandarin and English as both are taught-at times as a compulsory subject-in schools.The languages spoken in Hong Kong are: Cantonese (dialect), Mandarin, and English.The main language spoken in Hong Kong is Cantonese although English is also widely spoken across the island.English and Chinese are the official languages as defined by the Basic Law of Hong Kong. The official Chinese dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese and is spoken by most of the population. Mandarin is spoken or at least understood by many in Hong Kong. English is widely understood and is spoken by more than one-third of the population.The main language is Cantonese, but others include Mandarin, English, Thai and Japanese.The official language is Cantonese but Mandarin and English are also widely spoken.

How do you say please in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong the majority of the people speak Cantonese. The way to say please in Catonese is either Cheng or Mm goi Anyone, please correct me if I am mistaken. Mm goi is thank you. ho mm ho yi ... That means 'can you .......'