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Q: How many people take part in the Brazilian carnival?
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Where can the text to the carnival of the animals be found?

There are many places where you can find the text to the Carnival of the Animals. You can look at the vocal part of the music for example.

Is Carnival Victory party of the Carnival cruise line?

Carnival Victory is part of Carnival cruise line. Carnival victory party isn't a specific place, event or object. There are parties sometimes on the Carnival Victory.

What you call the people in brasilia?

Brasilia is still a part of Brazil so it's most likely Brazilian.

Is Brazilian jujitsu a part of a exercise?

Brazilian Juijitsu is a system of newaza or wrestling.

Is the Costa Concordia part of Carnival Cruise Lines?

Costa Concordia is owned by Carnival Corporation which also owns Carnival Cruise Lines.

In which part of Brazil are the Brazilian Highlands located?


Which European Empire was Brazil once a part of?

Portugal was part of the Brazilian empire.

Why is carnival important to Trinidad and tobago?

i think carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is important because it us part of our culture and it it reminds us that we are going to get away from flesh

Where are the Brazilian highlands located?

The Brazilian Highlands are in South America. In a more specific aspect, they are the eastern part of South America.

Why is the carnival of Venice celebrated?

The carnival of Venice is held to remember the days when wearing a mask was part of everyday life. The masks are alsso very nice and are showed off to others in the carnival.

What do people do for fun in Saint?

They party, go to the beach, take part in Carnival and also patronize the St Lucia Jazz festival when in season.

What part of speech is carnival?

It's a thing, so it's a noun.

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