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Most of the companies and businessman uses voip to save more charges in dealing international calls.

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Q: How many people use VOIP systems?
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What VOIP providers have the best reputations?

As more people are getting rid of their landline and switch over to wireless. They are considering VOIP for their home use. has the cheapest VOIP service.

What type of people use ventrilo?

Many people use Ventrilo when they are wanting to use VoIP technology. It is especially popular for use amongst online gamers for communication amongst team members.

Are Voip Phone Systems ideal for businesses?

"VoIP phone systems save your small business money, Plus you get free technical support. There also very easy to use and are very reliable. It offers free and cheap phone calls over the internet for business"

I have a Tp-link td-8811 adsl modem and it has voip streaming capability Can i use it as a voip gateway and are there any drivers for non voip to makes them a voip gateway?

Yes you can use it but still you need to subscribe voip service from VoIP service provider.

What are some VOiP products that use Skype?

Some products are the hardware like the mic or the headphones. There are some phone systems you can get too.

How can VOIP reduce your costs?

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol can reduce your costs due to it being routed over the Internet You can use VOIP with many different service providers. I would say the main one that most people use would be Skype, you can download and use their software free by going to, or you can just search the web and find one.

Must you be at the computer to use VOIP?

You can also use VoIP using a mobile/cell phone.

Why do people use VoIP?

The number one reason people uses VoIP is the cost. Calling long distance or international is a lot cheaper than regular landlines or mobile phones.

Do I need hardware for residential voip providers?

It is possible to use VOIP with a computer that has a microphone. You can also use specialized VOIP phones or adapters which allow your regular phones to use VOIP. The exact details depend on the different providers.

Are VOIP telephone systems compatible with alarm systems?

Yes they are because the alarm system would normally use the telephone line for communication to the monitoring station, if you have discontinued your telephone service for VOIP service you must keep in mind a couple of things, backup power (UPS) for your internet service and your VOIP unit without backup power your VOIP service is dead during power outages and therefore no communications. Your alarm company will have to come and check and test your alarm system over the VOIP network to ensure you have service when you need it.

How can i do free VOIP and from where if so?

There are tons of VOIP programs out there. The one I currently use is Skype. Skype is one of the best VOIP programs ever made. I highly recommend it if you want to use a VOIP program.

Where can someone that live in the United Kingdom get Voip?

People that live in the United Kingdom can use the Vonage service, as well as the Voipfone service. Both VoIP services are available for people in the United Kingdom.

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