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How many people use eBay?


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About 100 million.


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The entire population of the world, less those who do use it!

No it is not fake. A large number of people use eBay and are quite satisfied with it.

They get it by people who sell stuff and part of the money people get eBay gets

As of the first quarter of 2008, eBay employed 15,500 people.

Yes. eBay is a source that many collector's use to get cards.

As of December 31, 2011 eBay employed approximately 27,700 people (including temporary employees).

You can use gift cards on ebay. You can get more informations from ebay.

eBay is important for many reasons. Some people make their livings on eBay by buying wholesale products and selling them on as Powersellers or Business Sellers. Some people even use that as a second job. eBay serves the world with 100s of billions of different products, new and used. eBay plays an important part in the online shopping industry. It helps different people purchase different items that couldn't be purchased anywhere else.

yes i do. i have ordered my item through Paypal. lets see how many days does it take to get here.

Skype is a program you can use on the computer to call and to text massage people with. eBay is a auction website where you can buy or sell items.

you can use eBay in Bangladesh,you can sell and buy from eBay,this is a auction can use your visa or master card.and its a secure.

Yes, many people left Ebay & went there.

Although difficult to verify, it was reported in 2011 that eBay Australia sold about $60m of goods in the previous year. If we assume each user has sold $1000 of goods in the year, this equates to approx. 600,000 people..a very large number.

There is no record of how many people use it.

It depends on what you think is "many people", but generally, many people do use it.

a little over 250 million people world wide have at least one ebay account -Joseph Micah (ebay's information technology expert)

No, people cannot be sold on eBay. People cannot be sold anywhere! However, on eBay you can buy most everything, even things you wouldn't expect. People even list homes or lots for sale on eBay.

No, you cannot use your WalMart gift card on eBay.

Every month millions of online users shop on eBay UK and worldwide over 100s of millions

many people use a phone to contact others.But no one can find out how many people do.

anything. eBay sells everything.

somedays more that 10 million

Yes. There are people who rip people off on Ebay and Craigslist. You have to be careful. Purchasing from sellers with good feedback ratings will protect you. Plus, if you use PayPal you can get your money back if the seller doesn't send you your item.

many people use it a day buckethead!

Yes. When your paying for your ebay fees. and when you are sending or receiving money on ebay.

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