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There was a record breaking 97.5 million votes cast for the season 7 finale, but since you can vote often it is not the number of people who voted

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โˆ™ 2009-02-25 01:52:35
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Q: How many people vote for the American Idol?
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How much does it cost to vote on American idol?

how much does it cost to vote for American idol

Did you vote on American Idol?

I did vote on American idol. i voted for Adam Lambert 115 times for the season finale.

Does voting for American Idol cost money?

No it does not cost money to vote on American idol

Can you vote internationally for American Idol?


Can you vote for American idol if you are living in Canada?

no you have to be a american sidetion

What happens when you vote for a singer in American Idol?

The vote counts into the evaluation.

How many times can you vote for one contestant on American Idol?

You can vote as many times as you wish within a 2-hour period.

How long does voting for American Idol last?

You can ONLY vote on American idol for 2 hours after the show

How many people voted for American idol in 2004?

American Idol had 360 million votes that year, but that is not the number of different people who voted only the number of persons placing a vote no matter how many times a show a person voted or after how many different shows they voted

Who decides on the winner for American Idol?

The public vote

Can Canadians vote for American Idol contestants?

I think you can...

Does it cost to vote for American Idol?

No because they need you to vote, so they would not charge you to vote.

What was vote count percentage on American Idol finale?


What time can you vote for American Idol final?

At the end of the show ;)

What is the number to vote for American Idol?

it depends on who you are voting for

Do you have to be 18 to vote on American Idol?

no, all you need is a phone

Can Verizon Wireless text message vote for American Idol?


Is it free to vote to American idol if you have Verizon unlimited texting?


Does it cost to text vote for American Idol?

It doesn't cost anything

How do you gather a vote on stage in habbo to get the unknown star achievement?

You have to buy an American idol chair and an voter stand and then ... you get people to sit on the chairs and get them to vote up :)

Can you vote online more that the limit?

If you mean to vote in an election, no, you can't. If you mean for American Idol, yes.

What did Abigail Adams believed?

Your mom vote for jessica sanchez for american idol

Is it free to vote on American Idol?

yes unless you pay text charges

Can canadians vote for American Idol?

Do you mean while they are in Canada and using a phone to vote then I don't think they can get through

What is the cost to vote for American Idol by sending a text message?

American Idol television singing contest has certainly emerged as one of the most popular American talent shows. Telephone Idol voting is an 800 free number. Texting a vote is thru AT&T and is free for those who have AT&T.