How many people watch pro wrestling vs other sports?


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98% of all people worldwide watch Wrestling instead of other sports.

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40% - 64% of people watch sports

In india ten sports. In USA it is syfy and USA network

Wrestling Inc can be watched online at its official website and YouTube account. Wrestling Inc can also be watched on television on local sports networks.

If a person loves to watch sports, that means their normal.

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

There are millions of people in the world who watch college sports. There are hundreds of thousands of sports fans in the United States alone.

People like sports because they think it is facanating to watch and do!

The average Americans the watch sports are two hours

Spectator sports are sports that many people find entertaining to watch.

Canada is had the most WWE fans. And over 5 Million people watch wrestling. (From Kim)

It's a form of entertainment, so as long as people are willing to watch it, wrestling will stick around.

You can watch women wrestling matches by searching for women wrestling match videos on Youtube.

The reason why sports as entertainment is more popular than sports as physical activity is because people have gotten lazier. They sit on the couch and watch the games instead of exercising or actually playing the game. Another reason why is because rivalries are fierce. People watch rivalry games so they can see a fight or an argument and so that people can rub their victories in the face of the people who loss. Basically, sports fans want a wrestling match instead of a real game.

you can watch it on youtube by puting in roh wrestling and see if you can watch full matches

People like to watch dangerous sports because they like the suspense that it gives them if we didn't have that we would just be boring people doing nothing.

watch a sports then watch a sports news

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

you can watch it on sky sports go or any other wireless sports online channels, hope that helped. :)

they didnt watch unless they were at the game... They listened to the radio if they couldent get in

It is real, but it is choreographed and scripted but everthing is done real, its called sports entertainment for a reason. People probablu find it way more entertaining than a real wrestling match. Yeah, sport's entertainment is complete different from high school / college wrestling. It would bore WWE fans to death to watch a "real" wrestling match.

I would say generally so because men's sports are covered more by the press and other forms of media. People always talk about men's sports more than women's sports, and sponsors usually pick men's sports to get more people to see them

Between Nascar, Football and Basketball alone, hundreds of thousands of people watch sports. In 2007 alone, 139 million people from 232 countries tuned in to watch the superbowl. In 2009 it was more like 141 million.

People who are interested obviously who would ask that question people that are not interested don't watch it do they it's people that are that watch it think next time you ask a question By Ethan Hill

People like to watch and participate in sports. Equipment for the sport is sold, tickets to watch the sport are sold, and many people are employed as a result of sports.

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