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In 2007 although ratings were down from 2006, 6,574,000 still watched on tv.

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Does the bezel move on the tag heuer Indy 500 watch?

no- it is a fixed bezel on all indy 500's

How many people were at the Indy 500 in 2008?


How many miles is the Indy 500?


How many drivers have raced both the Indy 500 and the Daytona 500?

There have been 21 drivers to race in both the Indy 500 and Daytona 500.

How many people watch the baja 500?


How many laps are in the Indy 500?


How many men have won Indy 500?

No women has won the Indy 500. There has been 101 races and 69 different race winners.

How many laps are completed in the Indy 500?


How many women won in the Indy 500?


How many drivers are in the Indy 500 at a time?


How many people attend the Indy 500?

The Indy 500 is held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The racetrack has a capacity of about 250,000 people. With infield seating raising capacity to an approximate 400,000. It is the highest-capacity sports venue in the world.

How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2009?

09 Indy has not been run and Dale Jr does not race Indy cars

How many laps did Jr Lead in the Indy 500 in 2008?

None, Jr races NASCAR not Indy.

How many Indy 500's have been run?

the 92nd Indy was run in May 2009

Who won the 1964 Indy 500?

A.J. Foyt won the 1964 Indy 500.

How many drivers in Indy 500?

Traditionally, 33 drivers compete in the Indianapolis 500.

How many cars are in Indy 500?

Traditionally, 33 cars start the Indianapolis 500.

How Many Laps Make Up The Indy 500?

The Indy 500 - or the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race consists of 200 laps. The circuit consists of an asphalt track with four turns.

How many Indy 500 races have been rained out?

There have been numerous Indy 500 races which have suffered from rain delays but only three races, (1915, 1986, 1997), have been completely postponed throughout the Indy 500's history.

How many career laps has Danica Patrick led in the Indy 500?

In seven Indy 500's, Danica Patrick led a total 29 laps.

How many laps is Indy 500?

The Indianapolis 500 is 200 laps. The "500" means 500 miles in race distance.

How many cars raced the first Indy 500?


How many cars raced in the 2007 Indy 500?


How many cylinders in an Indy 500 car?


What does the Indy 500 track look like?

The Indy 500 track looks like an oval.

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