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Nearly 2,000 US servicemen were POW/MIA during the war.

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Q: How many people were MIA in the Vietnam war?
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How many Americans went MIA in Vietnam war?

5,000 men were mia

How many MIAs are there from Vietnam War?

At war's end there were over 1,900 US servicemen MIA.

How many weren't found after Vietnam?

At the end of the war there were approximately 1,900 US Mia's

How many people were lost in Vietnam war?

See: Vietnam War casualties.

How many people survived the Vietnam war?

Around 20 million people survived the Vietnam War.

How many Americans were reported as missing in action during the Vietnam War?

MIA/POW approximately 2,000.

How are MIA's created?

Anytime a soldier disappears during war, he or she is classified as MIA or "Missing in Action". Many veterans believe there are still MIAs who might be alive from the Vietnam War. Many other MIAs were not accounted for after the Korean War.

How many people fought in the Vietnam War?

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Are their any prisoners of war remaining in Vietnam today?

There are still MIA's.

How many vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

3,800,000 Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war.

How many American men went missing during the Vietnam war?

Nearly 2,000 men were MIA/POW.

How many people in the Air Force fought in the Vietnam war?

60,000 people in the war fought the air force of vietnam.

Did the usa lose more men in Vietnam then World War 2?

No. World War 2 had 418,500 US Deaths. Vietnam had 58,217 US Deaths. and 155,359 Wounded/MIA (1,947 are MIA)

How many people were whomed in the Vietnam war?

Over 300,000 US servicemen were wounded in the Vietnam War.

How many people served in the US military during the Vietnam War?

See Statistics about the Vietnam War.

How many People were in the Vietnam War?

6,000 men:p

Why were white people racist to black people in the Vietnam war?

Racism was very common in many places in the times of the Vietnam War.

How many people served in the Vietnam war?

8 million people

How many people skipped the country in the Vietnam war?

Try: Statistics About The Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel.

What did Nixon do involing the war the Vietnam war?

He brought in more troops in Vietnam and many people knew that was no use

How many US people died in the Vietnam war?

See: Vietnam casualties

How many people died in Vietnam war?

in the vietnam war 7,ooo,ooo people died

How many people had to flee because of the Vietnam war?

to many people where being killed

What is the label for a soldier whose body is unaccounted for in the Vietnam war?

MIA-Missing In Action.

How many people died during the Vietnam war?

a lot