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How many people were killed during the Cuban revolution?

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What is happened to batista?

He was killed in the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

Who benefited from the Cuban revolution?

Castro and his "government" people. It was certainly not the Cuban people.

Who was the good guy during the Cuban revolution Castro or Batista?

It can be said with a certain degree of neutrality, that in the Cuban revolution, there were only winners and losers. It was a complicated revolution. The results of the Castro regime can be debated by people of good and unbiased intentions.

Who was the Cuban dictator following Cuban Revolution during world war 2?

fidel Castro

Why did the people revolt in the cuban revolution?


What happend during the Cuban revolution and how did it effect Cuban-American relations?

Cubans became communists

Who was the president of America during the Cuban revolution?

The Cuban Revolution was between 1953 and 1959. The president of America throughout that period was Dwight D. Eisenhower,.

Was there an American pilot killed during the Cuban missile crisis?


How has the Cuban revolution affect the politicaland personal freedoms of the Cuban people?

An overthrow of dictator Batista

When did the Cuban Revolution end?

The Cuban Revolution ended on 1 January 1959.

How did the Americans respond to the Cuban revolution?

how did americans respond to the cuban revolution

When did Cuban Revolution happen?

Cuban Revolution happened on 1953-07-26.

Who is che guevara?

Che Guevara was a revolutionary born in Argentina that was a commander in the Cuban Revolution. He was executed in Bolivia during the revolution there.

Did che guevara kill people?

He was involved in the Cuban Revolution, so yes.

What was a change that took place during the Cuban Revolution?

Shaq`dominated all over the Cubans!

When was the Cuban Revolution?

The Cuban revolution started on 26 July 1953 until 1 January 1959.

Who was the Cuban dictator following Cuban Revolution?

Fidel Castro

Why was there revolution in Cuban revolution?

There was a revolution because the Cubans wanted their freedom.

What was the outcome of the Cuban revolution?

the dude they were fighting against lost.... i think.......... one question wats the cuban revolution??

What was the US's response to Castro during the Cuban Revolution?

Like Iraq, the US supported Castro in the beginning.

Why were us businesses upset by spanish reactions to the Cuban revolution during the late 1800s?

US businesses were afraid they would lose money that they had invested. So they were upset by Spanish reactions to the Cuban revolution in the late 1800's.

How was the US involved in the Cuban revolution?

The US was involved in the Cuban Revolution because the tried to overthrow Castro. But they failed miserably.

Where did the Cuban revolution start?

The Cuban Revolution actually began in Cuba. It started in the mountains of an area called Havana and then spread.

What are sme long term effects of the Cuban revolution?

The Cuban Revolution is still going on. It has been going on for 49 years.

What were the kind of guidelines modified by Cuban predilection in the Cuban revolution?

They are treated according with how the person in question behaves as an individual Cuban or not Cuban.