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How many people will watch the 2008 Olympics?


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3,000,000,000 Will Watch It Worldwide, Improving from the Athens 2004 Olympics wichwas 24 million not 3,000 million


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96825100000000000000 people watch sports every year

roughly around 50,000 people go and watch the Olympics.

2008 Olympics: 1200 swimmers

It is estimated that more than a billion people watched the 2012 televised Olympics

if it is what it is (but it isnt) lol

Not sure yet, but the people who watch the Olympics will have a great chance of finding out how many athletes there are.

Billions. It's the most watch sporting event in earth.

How many teams are in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

About 3,000,000,001 people watched the FREAKIN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!

650 million People attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008 :D Hope it help:)))

204 nations entered the 2008 Olympics.

There are 9 athletes for Ghana in the 2008 Olympics.

0 as of yet. But watch here:

60 million people apparently, thought I'm not sure.

Around 7500 med watched the olympics. Women werent allowed to watch as the men were naked!

It is not quite accurate how many people participated but The number of countries participating in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 was 205.

tell me the answer or i will get mad tell me the answer or i will get mad

ummmm, there was no winter Olympics in 2008! it was the summer Olympics in Beijing

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